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SMH tear down these racist statues now. They symbolize white privilege. You should be ashamed of yourself @nycmayor
Someone didn’t love you enough growing up. @eminem
@newyorkcomiccon was sick as always! Thank you to @ddpyoga for hooking me up! Always good to run into @machetegirl and great @thetommydreamer oh, @officialtwiztid too
Let time tell you, this cake was great. Everyone loved it. Some are saying that it's the greatest cake ever baked. Don't believe the fake news, yuge success. #MAGA
Wow! Got to meet my favorite anchor @danaperino from @foxnews and from my favorite show @thefivefnc ! Awesome birthday!
35 and still alive! I think I have at least another 50 years left to go. I have so much to be thankful for, except for this godawful shirt I was forced to wear in this pic! #MAGA
Is he fucking dead or what ? Like for yes comment for no
illuminati blood sacrifice-there ain't no easy way out.
The greatest male icon this world has ever seen has left us. This guy could give two fucks about your PC culture. Good night sweet prince. Tell Harambe I said hi will you ? See you on the other side...