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#giantstepsmn homework on a rainy Saturday night:
Re-listening to @reggieosse's path-forging #Mogul podcast before we chat in person at Giant Steps on October 27.
Whew. There's a reason this podcast sat atop iTunes Top 10 podcasts charts.
If you're coming to @giantstepsmn, consider listening to it, too. Reggie's role in hip hop culture and his experience as a creative entrepreneur make him keynote-conversation worthy, but his commitment to honest conversations and to mental health, and especially mental health of black and brown men, make him part of our Giant Steps family.
One reason I love doing #GiantStepsMN: my job is to find/meet/connect with brilliant people like these folks!
clockwise from top left:
@urbnnerd, writer/professor/film curator
@maengerefilms, award-winning filmmaker
@black_kara_thrace, Founder Blexit/Director Association for Black Economic Power/Singer-songwriter
@meet_erica, Founder, Puke Rainbows
@norarahimian, Cultural producer/Co-founder, #culturefix
@thatlevi, Award-winning podcaster/comedy writer and performer

Come to @giantstepsmn on October 27th and you can meet them, too!
Ummm. I guess I'm official now--I own a tent/booth.... (Thx to @0h_thats_kay and @haymaymj for showing me how to set it up!!)
#tbt that time when I had to get a new passport because my old one was stolen....
Creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives! Join us on October 27th for inspiration, connections, insights, and practical advice. Ticket prices go up tomorrow--get your #GiantStepsMN tickets today!
Buy tix here (or via link in bio): #

#artists #entrepreneur #socent #socialentrepreneur #independantbusiness #smallbusiness #professionaldevelopment
Chef @thatlevi and the giant paella, plus lots of good people and tropical temps! Many thanks to Levi, @laurazabel, and @irene_with_a_r for being such great hosts!
#yum #paella 🥘 🥘🥘
Congratulations to @ananyachatterjea @feeperella @bymankwendosiusa and everyone at @ananyadancetheatre on a moving and powerful show!! Thank you for your hard work and for existing in our community. 💜
Different perspectives, new angles, illumination...and/or ....set paths, rigid structures, and glass houses?
#keeppushing #highereducation
Still much to do, but I'm here for UST's renewed commitment to service and community.
Tools of the trade, though not a great assortment of colors in my room today. Also, 8 hours straight teaching a class of 35, means I have no voice and at least 18 hours of extreme introversion on deck.... #iloveit
So great celebrating @Julie Shannon and her upcoming nuptials! Lots of great vibes, good wishes, and smiles (and a couple of tears, too).
I try hard not to work in non-work spaces, but from now until 10/27, all bets are off.... #morningoffice
Even with meds, I'm losing at the allergy game today...and this does not bode well for tomorrow... peace to my fellow allergy sufferers. ✌️
October 27 in #Minneapolis. Our 8th year, our best yet.
Early-bird tix go on sale Tuesday.
#artists #entrepreneurs #honestconversations