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  Posted: Sep 8, 2012 5:10 PM FEED
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Members of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society from Georgia State U. helping out @Oaklandcemetery 2nd Saturday Workday -- sorry we didn't get all of you in the picture! @ALDGSU

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My first Atlanta United soccer game today with Jeff, April, Vujo and Zoe! If I wanted to be an architect, I’m pretty sure I’d want to design stadiums, and ones like #MBStadium (where this game was), and #suntrustpark. @atlutd had about 71k fans there today! Amazing! The fans were so enthusiastic and engaged, which made the whole experience awesome. #TieGame #mercedesbenzstadium #atlantaunited #atlutd #atlanta #futbol #torontofc
Nice hike this morning. Should have gone earlier just because it got warm. Half by the water — #BullSluiceLake Never even heard of it and it’s only 4 miles away. #Goldbranch #goldbranchtrail #chattahoocheenationalforest #EastCobb #Marietta #Hike #HikeAtlanta #ExploreMore #greenspace
#Chalktoberfest with Katherine who gave this man and amazing artist, Eduardo Bustos, a treat to give Vectra because he was afraid of her. When she gently gobbled it out of his hand he looked like he was going to faint, but the next second was so happy he took both of them to the top of his picture and asked for a photo! #Chalktoberfest2017 #MariettaSquare #Marietta #rottiesofinstagram #rottweiler #rottielove #chalkart #chalkartist (Wish I knew all the artists names!)
About midway to the top of the ridge, there is a lone memorial to a little boy who passed away when he was 19 months old. No year, nothing else. Really unusual coming across that on a hike in the woods near the #Chattahoochee and #CochranShoals trail. #PowersLandingTrail #hikeatlanta #hikegeorgia #hike
Where so many of my kids’ childhood memories were made! This building has been there for 50 years but it’s being torn down next week. In December The #SewellMillLibrary and Cultural Center is opening. #EastMariettaLibrary #NewMemories #cobbcounty @mariettamuseum (Who thinks this resembles the painting Pam did of #DunderMifflin?! Haha.)
Love giving tours at #OaklandCemetery to awesome school groups like this one from Holy Innocents Episcopal! They were a great group. #Georgia #AtlantaHistory #Atlanta #FieldTrip #AustellMausoleum
We spent what we thought was our last day in #riadeplentzia in the #basquecountry. It was overcast but still very beautiful. #tbt #tbt❤️ If anyone can ever tell me the absolutely correct name of the trees in the first photo, I would be so grateful. I think they are sycamores, but if anyone wants to guess, I have closeups of bark and leaves. The kids were finishing a kayaking class in the river, we ate at The Door (El Puerto), and just walked.
Hiking with Katherine, Copper and Vectra at #PowersIsland Trail and why we have a well-traveled road called Powers Ferry: James Power started the #ChattahoocheeRiver ferry in 1835. It ran for 70 years. The Union Army used it in 1864 during the #AtlantaCampaign during the #CivilWar. We came across what was probably Mr. Power’s homestead or some sort of factory or mill. Lots of old stuff. #PowersFerryRoad, a very busy thoroughfare which stretches from #Marietta to #Buckhead, was named after him. Once you hike back from the main trail you can walk to a bridge through the parking lot to get to the island hike. Not much to see there. What I liked most about the whole hike? Right across the river is the #CochranShoals trail, which is super popular with walkers, runners and bikers. I used that one a lot and never even knew there was a trail on the other side. (Link to more info in bio!) #instadog #dogsofinstagram #naturewalk #Atlanta #hike #hikeatlanta #hikegeorgia
Don’t let the blooms get wet or the water will ruin them. Put the watering can spout in the plant, close to the soil. This one is thirsty — just watered. I never knew this until I worked @pikenurseries. I think they should put signs up, but who am I? #mums #chrysanthemum #fall #frontporch
Volunteered at #OaklandCemetery today for the #SundayInThePark festival -- this is the 40th year this festival has been celebrated at #Oakland -- it's been 40 years since the Historic Oakland Foundation was started to preserve, restore and celebrate Atlanta's oldest cemetery and the history of Atlanta. Now they host a music festival, a 6-7 night #Halloween tour, a 5k fun run, multiple special topic tours, and art shows. I doubt there's any other place like this in the country. These are pictures of people dressed up in styles popular from about 1850 to 1900. And the top of a hat decorated to look like Oakland. #Victorian #steampunk #OldSouth #40thanniversary
I could probably just post dog videos all the time. #ILoveAllTheDoggies @vectratherottie @copperingeorgia
Usually I hike up the mountain, but on Saturdays it's really crowded and with Vectra it's too hard. If small dogs bark at her she gets scared and pulls me away (yes, people get a good chuckle at her trying to hide from dogs 1/10th her size). If larger dogs (not larger than her, just larger like 40+ pounds) growl at her, she pulls toward them (she's about 120lbs). I just read yesterday about the #24gun trail at #kennesawmountain. If you park in the main lot, the trail starts in the woods opposite of where the Visitor Center is. It's easy, meandering, and well-groomed. Only small inclines. There are 3-4 creeks to cross (good bridges built by mostly #EagleScouts, I believe), but it hasn't rained lately so they were dried up today. At the end of the trail you can go out and left, cross the road and get on a skinny trail that goes through a meadow. I turned around only because someone had a big dog unleashed ahead of me and I didn't feel like dealing with that if the dog came toward us. 4.38 miles! Dogs are whipped (for now)! #hike #hikeGA #walkyourdog
I've lived here 40 years and this is the first time I've been to this place. It's called #EastPalisades Trail and it's right off Northside Drive. We hiked 4.7 miles, Copper got to play in the #ChattahoocheeRiver, the best view in #Atlanta was right on the trail and there was a #bamboo forest! When Jeff pulls out his phone you know it's a big deal. I'm putting a link for more info about this trail in my bio in case anyone wants to check it out.
#ProspectValley with my childhood friend, Laurie (Poulter) Sherwood. We went to school together pre-K thru 8th grade. Here we are at the elementary school. The blue pit we are sitting in is where we gathered every single day to say the #pledgeofallegiance, sing #GodBlessAmerica and #MyCountryTisofThee. They don't do that anymore. Someone said there are too many kids now. There are orange cones sitting out because the day we visited it was grandparents day and they didn't want any (grandparents) to accidentally stumble into the pit. 🤣 Also, amazingly, we chatted with an older woman who asked why we were there. When we told her she said, "Well, you're not going to believe this, but I'm Mrs. R!" Wow! One of our two 3rd grade teachers!!! What are the chances? (She was substitute teaching that day.) She says she remembered both our names! 🤔#lakewoodcolorado #WeWereExperimentedOnInThe70s #OpenFloorPlan#jeffersoncounty #tbt❤️
When I'm gone a few days and unable to police little things like this, Sydney usually comes up with much more effective solutions.