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Uhggs got jacked for her beef rawhide; Coco's lucky the tall grass hides her come-up

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Coming soon! Who can guess the list price for the extensively renovated and rebuilt home?

#kmdlosangeles #kmdsouthbay #kmdLA
Yaaaay! We just opened escrow on a beautiful duplex. I find that right now is the best time of the year to buy a home #kmdlosangeles #kmdsouthbay #kmdLA
Did you not hear the news? Douglas Elliman acquired Teles Properties. Stay tuned for more....And always, message me for all of your real estate needs!
#kmdsouthbay #kmdlosangeles #telesdomination
Today was about connecting, mindset, and business. Tomorrow, we dive into the cutting edge of real estate marketing and business #kmdsouthbay #kmdlosangeles #telesproperties
Amazing surf trip! Got in the crowd at Uppers and Lowers. Had a blast at Old Man's. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat #family
Learned something today: Don't schedule work on your day off, so that you can enjoy the day with friends, family, and all things that make you happy #kmdlosangeles #kmdsouthbay
Out here finding off-market homes for our client; then, meeting with a neighbor around the corner to help them lease their home out. #kmdsouthbay #kmdLA
Loving it out there today. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy relationships with friends, family and loved ones, and healthy business = healthy life #kmdsouthbay
It can get a little crazy after midnight @megansloane_
Some days are better than others. This was one of them #kmdsouthbay
Quick coffee before walking the neighborhood. Who you work with matters #kmdsouthbay #kmdLA #telesproperties #telesdomination