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My beautiful little studio at 10th and Trimble - pop over for an evening of journaling and wine - music and lovely kindreds - #theluminouselephant
Roses - from my daughter Tess - they smell so lovely! L o v e
Basil and dahlia in my vw bug - Tess and Noah are taking me out for brunch at Sophie's cosmic cafe πŸ’•
Peppermint tea in the studio - the color of the studio floor 'luminous'
A detail from wynias studio - beautiful curiosities everywhere.
How beautiful is this! A breathtaking box with slabs of slate - filled with jeweled succulents- soooo gorgeous!
Whenever the muse is rocking my creative flow I crave beautiful simple nourishing meals to juice my mind body and soul . This afternoon I hopped in Eliza and scooted up to my local organic market - it's called queensdale market and it's such a sweet place with fresh produce and luscious fruits - I bought beets and avocado basil and grapefruit and flowers - oh and a raw cacao bar - happy!
The Dharma kitchen - a beautiful joyful place for an evening meal and organic wine . I had the NuCao bowl with grilled tempeh - pure rejuvenating yum! After dinner a cup of zingy ginger forward chai - my new happy place in the neighborhood - around the corner corner from #luminouselephant - #dharmakitchen
Springtime - walking Romeo with Tess in the neighborhood
Yoga up in my loft this morning - the windows were open birds bragging about their nest building skills and Romeo fell straight to sleep on my mat while I was in dancers pose - so hungry after! I made boiled organic eggs and steamed spinach with lemon and pesto hummus with organic falafel chips - it's a perfect day here and you can feel it - love is everywhere - wishing you a beautyFUL weekend under the spell of springtime kava kava happy πŸ’›