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Playing with my food... & yes, I had alphabet soup for dinner ❤ #nojudgement

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#MeToo ... it wasn't your fault. It wasn't because of what you were wearing. It wasn't because you were too sexy. It wasn't because you were a tease. It wasn't because of you that a man couldn't control himself.
A fun & super simple DIY earlier this week at! I'll share a link in my stories... Apologies for my slow-loading blog the past few weeks! Working to get it fixed asap! Happy Friday Lovecats 😻💋. #shoes #diys #tassels
This place was really cool... and if I had a little more faith and a little less fear, I would have had a much more enlightening experience. ✨🙌🏼✨ I shared the story earlier this week at but my blog has been taking 5 million years to load lately so you probably missed it lol Anyway HAPPY FRIDAY LOVECATS! 😻😘❤️ #lakearrowhead #crestline #pillarsofgod
You can choose to be grumpy about your current situation or you can choose too see the value in it & seize the opportunity to learn & grow from it ✨ 🙌🏼✨The future holds more than you know 🖤❤️ #trevorandrandy #fallfeels #frenchbulldogs #bulldogfrances
My skin feels so amazing thanks to Glow by Nature Made, it makes me want summer to never end so I can show it off year-round. If you’re wondering what my 30-day #GlowChallenge experience has been like, I’m making a video that I’ll be posting to Facebook on Sunday. Don’t miss it Lovecats! #ad
Having one of those days where I just want to find a quiet spot to read or sit or just be... this looks cozy enough. 🍁🍂🥀 #fallisintheair #lakearrowhead
I’m 3 weeks in, and my skin is looking great. Can’t wait to share my final results from the #GlowChallenge with Glow by Nature Made next week! Ready to try your own #GlowChallenge? #ad
Just sending a little light and love and peace to anyone who needs it right now for whatever reason... There is so much chaos in this world it's nice to know we're not alone in our pain. Love to you all today and always. ❤️💙🖤 #lakearrowhead
I just hit the two-week mark in my 30-day #GlowChallenge with Glow by Nature Made! I feel like there’s a noticeable difference in my skin already ❣️Can’t wait to show you all more of my progress next week! #Ad
Sharing fun #lakelife moments at - a new app where we can share stories together! Follow me at Maegan_Tintari and let's share together. #lakearrowhead
Your favor star ⭐️ tee by @amelouwho Details at 😻Happy Friday Lovecats! #lakearrowhead
If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I’m taking the 30-day #GlowChallenge with Glow by Nature Made to combat dry skin. I’ll be providing regular updates with my progress right here on Instagram, letting you know how it works for me and my skin. #ad
Just feeling all whimsical in the forest n'shit 🌲🌾🦋🌲 details at #lakearrowhead
This giveaway is closed now... congrats to @rosesiggy who won! -------💄G I V E A W A Y 💄 Lovecats! @winky_lux sent me a #wlflowerbalm to try out AND one to give away to one of YOU! It's a balm that works with your pH to stain your lips in the perfect shade just for you & each comes with a real chrysanthemum inside! 🌼 This one is yellow 🌼 TO ENTER: just leave a comment here on this post, tag a friend in your comment, & make sure you're following me too! 💋 Good Luck!
Sharing moments and outfits with Delilah today at ...I want her to have the freedom & courage to be strong & fearless & to dance with the unknown & I hope I can be a positive inspiration to her now & forever ♥️✨#YOURMOVE #swatchwatch #ad #SwatchSKIN #lakearrowhead
When all the kids come up to the lake, you take them on a little paddle boarding adventure ✨ #sup #lakearrowhead 📸 by @cali4niaem