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This is how my cat friend feels about me....must always be touching.

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Anyone planting trees this glorious fall? It is a perfect time.
I've been coveting this tree for years.
I sooo want those little white bells.
It is Halesia - one of those trees you've never seen just randomly at the nursery.
An Impossible impulse this one is special, if I am going to have it, I'm going to have to really hunt.
Do you have anything this special in your garden?
Has anyone ever grown wasabi?
Odds are, if you haven't, you've never had the real thing.
Real wasabi can cost as much as $200/lb and its flavor significantly diminishes if not eaten within 15 min of its preparation.
Are you curious? Me too.
Thats why I want to grow it. Its tricky, so I've researched and written a guide that is new today at 📷cokemomo
I might have a new favorite dahlia... her name is 'akita' from eden bros. @edenbrothers
That song keeps playing in my head...
🎶"I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough. 🎵I juuust can't seem to get e-nough🎶"
Yeah, dahlia cafe au lait- I'm looking at you.
The chartreuse leaves were so eye catching and beautiful. I wonder if they were sick? Or if this is a feature of this lovely climbing rose?
My Italy trip was such a sensory overload experience. It is only through pictures that can I relish so many details.
Like this mosaic around the fountain at the Doge Palace in Genoa. It is beautiful.
I wonder, does it tell a story?
And here I was feeling all smug about my giant dahlia.
If you want serious dahlia posts, @mccormickcharlie is your guy to follow.
#gardengoals 📷: @mccormickcharlie
My driveway is over 100 ft long and as I turn into it, this is the focal point I see at the end.
A shining pink beacon at the end of the road.
This dahlia is THAT big.

I have to look up what variety I planted, if you want to know, I'll post in comments as soon as I figure it out.
Someone (a designer, surely) planted a bunch of anemone to line the front walk of my kids high school.
It is thriving and unexpected and beautiful - every time I walk by I think what a great plant choice this was for this place.
Have you seen a municipal planting that was unexpected and so great?
I love hearing ideas for interesting plants used in banal locations.
What is chic in gardening? Or more specifically plants?
Big white hydrangeas make my 'chic plants list' (yes, I'm actually compiling a list). What would you include on a chic plant list?
Let me know, and if I agree I'll make sure to credit you on the final post!
I know as gardeners we aren't supposed to like these guys. But I can't help but find them charming - in an 'I think you are fascinating, but I seriously don't want to touch you' sort of way.
It not just me, they do have a cuteness right?
Heavenly spa garden in Bormio, Italy. I loved the modern furniture, the clean lines and the soft plants with the backdrop of classic architecture and the alps.
I must return... but next time when I can snowboard.
I finally found a spot where these hydrangea thrive. Not too hot, not too dry, not too alkaline (not that anywhere in my garden is anything but acidic!)
The deep dark blue fades beautifully as the flowers come and go.
#hydrangea 'Blue jangles'
Anyone know what plant this is?
It is so pretty (I love the color) and quite opportunistic. This is taken from above, it is growing sideways out of a wall (in Italy)
Any Ideas?
I'm no longer in Italy, but still reflecting on such a great trip. One of my favorite places was so unexpected - the Valtellina valley was filled with vineyards, orchards, mountains and plenty of castle ruins with beautiful gardens surrounding them. This was my favorite... with a stunning view over the valley as well. Most definitely a place I want to re-visit.
I keep losing count of how many happy bees 🐝 were swarming over this lavender!
How many do you count?
Garden as theater. Literally.
Boxwood balls as theater lights, layers of hedges as stage curtains and a sunken lawn in front for the audience.
This garden theater at Villa la Pietra in Florence, Italy has historically hosted many productions.
I love the idea, I wonder if there are other gardens like this where plays are still be staged?
I just made this the background on my computer. I find it so peaceful. They say some people are ocean people and others are mountain people. I'm mountain for sure. You?
Of course if you are in Lake Como, Italy you can kinda sorta have it all.
I wonder if there is a noninvasive olive I can plant here in Boston. Anyone know?
I just love the color of them against dark green evergreens. Don't need the fruit.
(Image: Trees On the banks of Lake Como, Italy)
I wish I knew the artist (anyone know?) - cause this alligator (on the banks of the Arno river in Florence, Italy ) made my heart jump.
Took me a second to realize that it's Not real, made from bark, and perfectly placed to get attention.
It appeared to be part of a larger landscape art exhibition going on along the river.