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  Posted: Sep 7, 2012 6:12 PM FEED
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kevion 16h ago
This being HOME is closer than you T H I N K.... "The Caverhill residence is possibly Zoltan Pali's most thought provoking achievement in modernist architecture." 6M || Link In Bio. Let's map it out. 🖊 #ModernMasterpiece #BeverlyHills #ZoltanPali #Legendary #RealEstate 10.19.17
kevion 2d ago
In 2012, when we were living in separate homes, both still searching for our career paths.. had you told me that within 5 years, we would be happily married, homeowners, running 3 dream come true companies, sober and traveling the world with our kids.. HAHAHHAA! There's no way I would've believed you. That is so far off from where we were it's insane. Sometimes you just have to reach that point of frustration, of knowing that there's more you're supposed to get out of life, in order to truly get down on your knees and ask God for clarity. And for us that's what happened. And the biggest thing I've learned from all of it, is that initial glimpse of clarity, and feeling like we're on track, is still just the beginning of God's limitless plan. We are nowhere close to figuring out how to balance it all and we continually find ourselves looking up to the sky asking for the answer. So to have the opportunity of speaking on a panel together, actually makes me laugh because I feel we are nowhere close to qualified, but I'm still grateful for the opportunity. Tomorrow at 8 PM at @sohohouse @luke_jutr in Hollywood we'll be the first time the real boss @AlanaDawn and I will be delivering our message as a team. We'll be speaking about Goal Setting, The 7 Equities, Affirmations and everything else we've learned from Mindset to Marketing. And alongside us our good friend @LizHernandez will be speaking about the power of "words" and the global positive movement she is manifesting through @Wordaful. Major thanks to everyone that has been along this journey with us, sent us a positive message, and simply anyone that is conscious of the energy you've sent out.. we feel it all! ✌🏼❤️ #ProjectMindset #TeamStirdivant #Wordaful 10.17.17
kevion 3d ago
MCM Treehouse+Rooftop Deck for 750 | Link in bio
Major props to my dude @theernieaguilar for landing this and for using the words PRIVATE AF in the property description. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #MidcenturyMonday #1950 #Alhambra #MidcenturyHome #RealEstate 10.16.17
kevion 1w ago
Feels good to be H O M E // ❤️ **Not yet mine... But it CAN BE yours in the meantime. Link in bio. Highly recommend you click on it, then reach out so we can talk about your current Keys To Life. What may manifest next are your Keys To This. #BeDoHave #CameoShores #NewportBeachRealEstate #ModernHome #CoachKevS
kevion 1w ago
To the ends of the earth with this gang forever... The difficulty of getting this photo is a lot like being a family itself. It's a long rocky path, where you must protect each other from falling off, staying focused on the destination. And through it all what we're left with in the end, is a memory of who we were for each other along the way. ❤️#TeamStirdivant #kaseTravels #Oahu 📷 @pgfilms
kevion 1w ago
October 7th 7:47 AM, North Shore, Oahu. I found this unicorn princess and she said it's her 6th birthday. 🦄❤️ #AzellaJonie #BirthdayGirl #kaseTravels #Oahu 10.7.17
kevion 2w ago
What we find, depends on what it is we're looking for.
Traveled back in time yesterday, through 1 of 3 legendary Eichler tracts in the city of Orange. I could stare at these lines for days. 😍
#Eichler #MidCentury #TimeCapsule #kaseModern 10.5.17
kevion 2w ago
Happy 50th Birthday to my big bro.. the man, the myth, @ChristianHosoi 🤙🏼 Grateful for the good times and positive vibes from your tribe to ours. Keep keeping it legendary! #HOSOI
kevion 2w ago
I remember walking through this heater with Jonas in '09. It was a pre-foreclosure at the time listed just under an M. Listed a couple weeks ago for 1.8 and gone in a blink. Forward thinking design by the legends at @tagfront. #ModernHome #Masterpiece #LagunaBeach #RealEstate 📷 @dasswerd 10.4.17
kevion 2w ago
Between this and becoming a father in the same week.. you are truly becoming one of the most legendary people I know. Congrats Carter.. your KASE family is continually inspired and proud of you. #kaseClosed #CarterKaufman #InspiredToMove #Legendary #RealEstate 10.3.17
kevion 2w ago
You are an extraordinary human being. There's over 7 billion people on this planet and not a single one with your same fingerprint. Others may try, but there's no one that can do what you can exactly like you. So what have you always wanted to do? Where have you always wanted to go? What have you always wanted to have, to experience, to give, to see? No matter how large or unattainable it may appear, the reality is, if you break that goal down into smaller steps you'll find, even if it's going to the moon, it's realistic. But it requires action and the very first action to make your thoughts become reality, is simply writing it down on paper. Then think of 10 things that are within reach that you could do now. Whatever it may be, the more you can see it in your mind, the sooner you'll be able to experience it in real life. Tomorrow is never promised.. bless yourself with 10 minutes today to think, dream and write about your bigger picture. Stay FOCUSED , Stay INSPIRED and Enjoy The Process. ✌🏼❤️ #TakeActionTuesday #CoachKevs #ProjectMindset Manifested by: @KnowPassion 🔨inspo via: @JoeGruber
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 4:37 PM
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kevion 2w ago
#repost @ajayfresh: No matter what happened yesterday, what's happening today, or what will inevitably happen tomorrow, make a conscious, intentional action to Show Love to any and everyone you encounter. Light up the darkness. From a ripple, to a wave. ・・・🙏🏼 AMEN.
kevion 3w ago
"KASE x AFTERS" 🏠❤️🍨 Because it's a Friday and you deserve to chill out! Swipe 👈🏼 and we'll see you tomorrow! 3007 Java Road // 5-9PM // Hosted by @dakodamuta & @micah_flores. #Midcenturymodern #Eichler #CostaMesa #RealEstate #kaseGroup 9.28.17
kevion 3w ago
How awesome is my baby sister though ? ! ! ! ❤️ For those of you that don't know, my sister Marina has been practicing yoga for over a decade, teaching it for 7 years and will now be leading the very first wellness class at @ProjectMindset47. For the ladies only, every Wednesday night in the month of October, at our HQ in Irvine. Text (949) 887-7938 for more information and to reserve your space. Limited to 20 legendary ladies. #ProjectMindset #WomenWednesday #Namaste #HealthIsWealth 9.27.17 🎥 @knowpassion
kevion 3w ago
There's a huge difference between buying/ selling a home with your homie who just got their real estate license.. and your homie Richard Mulder. There's 30,000 agents in OC another 80,000 in LA. If I had to choose 1 to handle a family transaction, in a split second I would choose @RichMulder and his wife Sarah. Don't play yourself being someone's learning curve on the largest transaction of your life. True experience and wisdom in real estate will be the difference between closing and canceling escrow. Congrats to my brother #RealtorRichie on officially closing his 107th deal today. ☕️ #CoffeeIsForClosers #FromSkateToRealEstate #RichardMulder #kaseGroup 9.27.17
kevion 3w ago
When your D R E A M S become ELEVATED... 🙌🏼 Just listed the ultimate villa above Victoria Beach. Masterpiece design, 3200 sqft, forever views, Inspired to Move at 3M. Stay tuned // Going live in 72 hours. S/O @ChandlerCalifornia for believing in the vision. #kaseGroup #LagunaBeach #LuxuryRealEstate #KevenStirdivant 9.26.17
Posted: Sep 26, 2017 8:53 PM
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kevion 3w ago
Crazy to think my son Eli is now the same grade his Mom and I were when we learned we would soon be parents. Definitely some of the craziest news you can hear after math class. But God had a plan, and his plan was an extraordinary one. Thanks for changing my life kid. ❤️👊🏼 @Eli_Stirdivant #Genius #Legend #Philanthropist #ElijahCole1 #TeamStirdivant 9.26.17 📷 @KnowPassion
kevion 3w ago
On track to be our 11th listing of the year to land ABOVE list. This story of buyer and seller is definitely a career highlight. Can't wait to share it 🙌🏼 #kaseGroup #InEscrow #InspiredToMove #MidcenturyHome #NewportBeach 9.25.17