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Startled owl. Smug cat.

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Think we might be taking the bathroom plant trend too literally 😉 Since we've put the heating on, these guys have got so thirsty (and bigger again!) 💚
Happy Sunday loves. Anyone want to come round and paint the last coats? I'm two coats of paint in and the floor clearly needs another (if not two) but I'm too busy doing important stuff (like looking on Instagram, thinking about making a banana loaf, drinking coffee).
Me: I'm not ready for Summer to be over. Also me: 🎃❤️🎃❤️
Super proud to be featured in the fantastic (and beautifully designed) @omnommag alongside the frankly brilliant @thefullnelsondeptford @beavertownbeer @fedbywater @bakingbad.vegan @thebrocacafe @erikarax and more! Such a great magazine and can't wait to see issue no.2 next year! 👏👏👏
Happy Saturday slouching tidying faffing vibes here today (well for me at least as N just did Guy's Urban Challenge mini triathlon)... Super pleased with our new properly shelved alcove (@realpearson 👏) for all my records and books. Also while we weren't paying attention, I'm sure lots of our plants have had growth spurts!
Having properly run myself down lately, we booked a little trip to Porto for some rest and recuperation. The plan was to just soak up some sun and do very little. Turns out we're not quite capable of this - in 3 and a half days, we walked over 40K and climbed 176 'flights'. (Gotta love the health app for that random info.) I could blame that I'm married to someone who now runs ultra marathons and who always wants to go that bit further but realistically I'm just as bad. That said, exploring Porto with its colourful, steep and quirky streets made me so happy. Maybe that's just my version of relaxing?!
Gotta love a place that embraces pink/Wes Anderson vibes this much 💗
When you come across your cat choosing a book (or thinking about chewing a plant more realistically!). Also her tail ❤️ #foxowlcat
The ground says Autumn, but my ankles say Summer... 🍃🍂
After a very random day where I went to a&e for the first time (that was an experience!), I'm really glad to be home, happy to be in good health almost all the time and in awe of the docs and nurses for who that's their everyday. Now for some serious relaxing with some cats... and some learning to take much better care of myself from now on!
September, eeeek. (Maybe September will actually be the month when I do some of my life to do lists as opposed to just stressing that I haven't done my to do lists. If not, there's always October right?!) This is currently the one sane corner of our bedroom which is nice and soothing - as long as I don't look at the other corner... which is a built-in wardrobe from hell and my resulting floordrobe. Yes, it's on a to do list somewhere!
Some days being a cat looks so much better than being a human... having sunny snooze envy! 🤦‍♀️ #velvetninjacat
A little bit in love with #Ghent in Belgium... came for a day trip but ended up spending a few days. Just wandering around, oohing at the buildings, going on a boat trip, eating great food @vbox_gent especially (Ghent is so veggie/vegan friendly), using some of @andsmilestudio's tips and generally chilling in the sunshine. Funny how a few days away can sometimes feel like a proper break from it all.
Paint bought: 5 months ago.
Time spent painting: 1 day.
Time spent admiring painted floors: every day since.
Unmade bed is their favourite... hanging with these two fluffy colleagues today as had to admit that the cold I came back with from the US is definitely some sort of crappy virus. As someone with loads of energy normally, it's so weird feeling like my batteries are empty! Plus side, getting some extra fur gang time. #velvetninjacat #foxowlcat
Crushing on calatheas @londonterrariums... had sworn off these babies since our grey cat nibbled (and killed) the two I had. But ended up getting a little pinky one that will stay high up out of kitty paws and teeth!
I've been drooled on, head butted and padded extensively so I think I'm forgiven for going away. So happy to home to my wee gang (even if I'm back with a cold and mega jet lag).
On Sunday, I walked 15K around #SanFrancisco, finally saw the (noisy but oh so cute) sea lions, climbed up some very steep hills (including Lombard St, the very windy one), watched the SF symphony orchestra play a free gig, explored Chinatown... and took a peek at the not opened yet Color Factory (pictured). Oh and got a bit sunburnt too - my shoulders are now millennial pink 🤦‍♀️ Near perfect day, if only I'd had my partner in crime/exploring @realpearson ❤️
When you want to get up (honest) but your cat doesn't... Happy Saturday / #caterday folks! #velvetninjacat
My real, today and smile. (Three of @allison_sadler_'s #freeupmyinsta in one.)
Real. I thought about sharing something bigger, more of me, more of the difficult things. But then I realised being real for me is about being real about what's good for me. So instead, here's a real that's real, just a little less real if you know what I mean? Our DIY/tidying mess.
Today/Smile. So this mess is also my today (and probably my weekend). And that also makes me smile. I really do love this little home we're making here. And I guess that's pretty real too.