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  Posted: Sep 7, 2012 10:56 AM
25 Amaro
  • 👌💚 recipe?! @chiaroscurious

  • You did it ! Good work .

  • @missjayne88 sure did! Even got my boyfriend to eat them - it's like some sort of miracle! Xx

  • @colour_and_skulls will email you, so easy to make! X

  • Jelly as! Yummy!

  • Michelle bridges?

  • @taylaashley4 get your hot ass back in my country and I will cook for you. (and moonwalk and polish your nails and go fangirl for prince) xx

  • @katlitter nah I just googled lentil burger recipes and it was the first one - from have you done Michelle bridges? the recipes are meant to be amazing x

  • Nope. I can't diet, strict rules are too bogus. I just eat right and exercise.. Believe me i was half this size not long ago.

  • oh fuck. Do you feel heaps better (mentally) now? I feel silly commenting on how healthy all your food looks now  I can never follow a strict diet, I've just come to the realization that I need to be healthy, so that's the plan! Clean eating and lots of veggies as opposed to strict rules. I was laughing when you put your photo up last night of your shopping - it looked almost identical to what I bought yesterday! For what it's worth you look amazing - you're a babe! X

  • @ebonycourtney Vegetarian theme for Christmas? Hahahaha  xx

  • @chiaroscurious wr all have stories!! I had a shit year and used it as an excuse to feed my empty. Nowni have to work just as hard (the RIGHT way) we can go walking together when it starts being light after 7 again!! X

  • I would love that. I'm hanging out for the light nights so bad, can't believe how much easier life seems with a little sunlight. how long were you 'sick' for (not even sure if that's the right word)? you're right though - everyone has a story. and in time all those shit years/events/times/people just become part of your past. it's just a pity that your empty can be such a hungry fucker, it's way too easy to feed it instead of looking after yourself/your head! Lucky you've got such sexy dogs to cuddle and look after you. what's on for tonight? There were no fiesta photos, I love them! Xx @katlitter

  • el3ni 5y ago

    They look yummy! I must try!

  • Babe get onto it! @el3ni it's like fucking #masterchef at my place tonight! X

  • For about 5 years? Im looking at doing mental health especially. Food is just a ticket in life. Its not a fucking ride. Do you have my mobile? X

  • Nah send me a text and we can keep chatting if you like - better not on here! 0402 584 911. Though bonsai just chewed through my charger! 

  • @ebonycourtney I get the feeling Christmas might be a bit quiet if it was vego! I'd be happy with a Christmas of wine and cheese platters! Xx

  • @katlitter or give me yours and i'll message you xx

  • @missjayne88 I requested to follow you but you need to accept xx

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Happy birthday @thelifeofbonsai 💜 thanks for changing my life, I owe you big time X #pomlife #crazyeyes #guacmonster
User Image blooodorange Posted: Nov 21, 2017 7:12 AM (UTC)
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You'd think after all this time I would know to not stick my tongue out in photos but 👅
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Me being a beer wanker. Deleted my last post cause I spelt wanker wrong. What a wanker.
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While the reasoning behind yesterday is in itself is so degrading, being in a room filled with so much positivity and love (and glitter and rainbows) last night was beautiful and the perfect demonstration of a group of people holding their beautiful heads high while under fire. Proud to call these people my friends. Though some things are up for debate one thing is not - queers know how to party! YASSSSS 👰🏻💗👰🏻🌈🎩💙🎩
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Serenity ft. the rookies that gave in and shared chips with the birds too early 🍟
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Pearls on the Patio is happening again THIS Sunday 🍻🇦🇺 tickets via Pitch Please Geelong on Facebook. Get some mates together for an arvo of tinnies, fun and 'strayan culture. There are some hot sheilas there too! Bonza 👍🏻
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My all time favourites 💜
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Me dealing with this hangover 😵😭
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Cute little green tea date with these frens 🍵
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My (not so) baby brother is engaged and passed his PhD. The family is getting better and better - we've now got a Dr (from now on you're making the restaurant reservations @darcyweallen - best seats in the house when you mention Dr Darcy) and I get a sister that isn't a pet 👯 2016 you were a complete jerk but 2017 I am liking you. A lot.
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Found this photo of some text that was part of my exhibition last year. Currently in the process of booking another one, can't wait to get these ideas out of my head and onto a wall.
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Cute catch up today with this lot (+ @sherylallencopy of course) including vegan burritos + lots of ciders in the sun. Paradise.
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☝🏻️been busy making drips @myheadsajungle.