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OMG! There's not enough catnip mice rubbed all over my head @stealingsand!! Agggghhh! Must! Roll! More!!!!! Muahahahaha!

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I am unapologetically attracted to beautiful book covers. Toss in a British author and lovely opening sentences, and I am hooked. "The rain began with one gentle tap at her bedroom window, then another and another and then a steady patter at the glass. She opened the curtains and beheld a sky like tarnished silver, with no sign of the sun. She had hoped so hard for a morning such as this that she let out a quiet cry of relief." Marley approves of anything that makes me sit still for prolonged cuddling.
These two crazy minis of mine dragged my self-preservation-loving behind onto the Hollywood Tower of Horror (Terror?). They took far too much pleasure in my free fall discomfort!
Eyes larger than her sugar-intake tolerance level! Little Piki became a smear of pink sugar at Disneyland this afternoon!
Hey #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap partner, I just wanted to make sure this got to you! Canada Post app says it was delivered, but with all the busyness of US Thanksgiving, maybe you haven't picked up your mail recently? It should have been to you earlier this week. #makeaquiltmakeafriend
We haven't even gone INTO the park yet, ya'll! There is a serious toss-up going on right now between R2-Mickey ears & Darth-Mickey ears. How do you take Darth-Mickey seriously?
M&L fabric-selfie. A necessity! I was overwhelmed & had to be seriously systematic. It was AMAZING!
I had the BEST fabric-sherpa in M&L Fabrics!! My friend Natalie from waaaayyy back to preschool lives just outside Anaheim now. She got to experience shopping with a serious fabric fondler...!
LEGO store in Downtown Disney pretty much blew my mind. My brother would have been so jealous of the Minis filling their tub with the coolest pieces! Bulk LEGO is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
Main lobby at the Disneyland Grand Californian... Certainly makes a great first impression! Walking by Santa while wearing your bathing suit is also another fun adventure :)
Discovered today that hand binding on the bus is rather bouncy and pokey. It's like a quilting extreme sport! That being said, it's an excellent conversation starter. Had several people ask about quilting, which was exciting!
I'll be with my cousin & her two daughters, so likely won't have much time to slink off. And I know it's US Thanksgiving weekend, so that'll make things crazier. BUT! If you have ANY suggestions, would be greatly appreciated! Or, feedback on M&L Fabrics (is that the correct name?). They seem large & nearby to Disneyland so are currently on my radar 😘
Nothing more stylish than glasses-over-glasses. Countdown is on!
Way too excited to take the time to set up for proper Thank-You photos!! @littlefalcondesign, I just got home (from watching Doctor Who at a friend's), to find this TARDIS had travelled through time & space (maybe mostly space over time) to land on my doorstep. I was *really* hoping this would be coming my way, and it's so absolutely amazing! I was wondering where this one had disappeared to. Oh! And it's just in time for the 50th Anniversary episode on Saturday! I am so thrilled you waited to post. It must have been difficult to wait, but the timing is perfect :) Thank you!! Thank you!! 😘😘 #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap #makeaquiltmakeafriend
Mini has left Canada, Partner! Constant tracking stalking shall not wane :)
The journey shall begin for your mini tomorrow, Partner! Hopefully it doesn't take too long to sneak past the border :)
Well, my #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap partner... You know that moment when you're down to the wire and you realize that your project has grown larger than anticipated & you didn't pick up enough background fabric?... Well, I found myself there this afternoon & have to wait until tomorrow to pop into town for more fabric. And since Canada Post doesn't operate until Monday, this will be starting its journey over the border then. I may have gotten a little excited with treats to tuck in with the quilt, so hopefully that makes up for the slight delay!
Evening lighting, so colours are WAY off... But, just piecing everything together. Thoughts on if I need to rotate the star so the peach is beside column of arrows?
This morning my family said goodbye to our little sunbeam baby on her final vet visit, and let her go to the world of eternal sunbeams. When we lifted the kitten-embargo a month ago, it was after a vet had told us all her issues were fixable. Her lung issues were due to worms, her hip disclosed due to mishandling. Her funky little paws were a genetic issue, but we loved her little monster-paws. A month of worm medication and three sets of x-rays later, all the while being told she was fixable, my mum took her to another vet for a second opinion. After 5 weeks, she weighed the same 500grams as when we brought her home at 9 weeks. Her appetite was voracious, and she'd try to steal any food you had. And she'd yell, oh how she'd yell, if you had something she wanted. But her breathing never got better, it only got worse. She lengthened slightly, but couldn't put on weight. The second vet took one look at her x-rays, and some big issues came to light. Her hip wasn't dislocated due to mishandling, her body never developed the tendons required to keep the hip in the socket. She was missing a rib, and other deformities were apparent on those x-rays. Little Kaylee was born with a body that would never be able to support the life she was determined to have and enjoy, despite the pain she was likely in and just didn't know any better to object to. With all her genetic deformities, her organs were likely to start failing, and last night we could already see how much harder it was for to breathe or be comfortable. She stole are hearts in this one month, and she'll be sleeping in the garden soon with the other fur-family we've had to say goodbye to over the years. **photo reposted from Thanksgiving weeekend**
"Quilted" a pumpkin tonight. I can safely say my seams are always straighter than when I free-hand painting straight lines... I think it has been too long since I sat down at my sewing machine!