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  Posted: Sep 7, 2012 3:03 AM FEED
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Swipe for rhinos, libraries, and basic first day of fall inspo. 🍂🍁But it's still 90 degrees in Texas so 🤷🏻‍♀️ #WorldRhinoDay #BaylorLibraries #FirstDayofFall
There's something special about walking around a city when it's raining and you don't have an umbrella. You embrace it, smile at others, and grab an iced coffee.
Philly, thanks for making me miss NYC! #KhanIBeATenjarla #Philadelphia #theeverygirltravels #darlingescapes
Showing @brooke1701 around Waco this weekend was the best! It has changed A LOT since we met here 10 years ago—like actually getting this close to the Brazos. 🚣🏻 #Wacotown #WacoPaddleCo
Ralph 🐱 and I are waiting for our first house guest tonight! There are lots of boxes (a room full) and doors/cabinets without knobs (not much privacy 🤷🏻‍♀️) but everything else is 🙌🏻. See you soon, @brooke1701!! (I didn't do the best job painting but maybe one day I'll fix it. Probably one of those things you should hire a professional for...) #wacotown
It seems appropriate to share this page in my Waco story on my two-year Waco-versary. I've found so many adventures here and there are so many more to come! Magazine star? Check that off Papaw's bucket list. #magnoliajournal #wacotown
When it's Tuesday but feels like Thursday. #keepgoing #poncecitymarket 🏃🏼‍♀️: @emking13
I took a big risk 5 years ago and moved to NYC. It was one of those "why not" decisions with a little bit of "yeah, i could totally live there." 😳 I had no idea what to expect. And guess what? I LOVED IT. The people, the sights, and the change of pace. It was just what I needed at that time in my life.
I am so thankful for all of the experiences and relationships that were built. I want to enourage everyone to take a chance, make a change, and breakaway. (cc: @kellyclarkson) It's good for the soul. #lifeonninth #texasforever #odetoNYC
Happy Birthday, Grannie Annie! Thanks for letting me crash at your house for the last 6 months - you're the best! Also, you haven't aged a bit?! #happybirthdayGA #foreveryoung
My parents are incredible. I see them twice a year and every time they come to town they make things happen. 🙌🏻 My dad tackled the screens for my back porch like a pro - while sick and jet lagged. I'm so thankful for their commitment to helping me make this place a home! 🏡 #myexpatparents #wacotown #porchgoals