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User Image andersoncooper Posted: Sep 7, 2012 2:26 AM (UTC)

281 Lo-fi
President #Obama takes the stage at the #dnc
  • Wow ❕

  • Intense

  • Cool

  • Wow @anthony_palazzolo, those are strong words for a little kid like you. He is President of the United States and you're wearing a herp derp shirt in your pic looking like a putz. Have some respect, little boy.

  • I love President Obama! 🇺🇸

  • The US is screwed if he's got 4 more years

  • Love you!

  • I agree Tony!

  • I dont even care for politics

  • Let's go Obama 🇺🇸 fuck Romney

  • Go Ron Paul!

  • I love this

  • Gotta love it...

  • Almost as good a speech as the guy from last night.

  • Obama puke

  • Wow big crowd!!! :O

  • Empty promises for another four years? No thanks.

  • Fuck Romney

  • Ya ya ya ya

  • Love him

  • Awesome crowd!

  • 💤💤💤💤

  • Yeeh!

  • Wow

  • Thought you were at MTV awards watching Kevin hart.. Damn

  • 👌

  • Obama

  • Politicians are liars and you know it.

  • Obama is the better choice out of the both of them. Romney wants to raise debt & take scholarships off. He is only going for the RICH people, as in millionaires etc. Obama wants to help the middle class people. We are screwed if Romney wins D;

  • @hiskitty_ couldn't have said it any better

  • 👍👍👍

  • Romney doesn't like gay people like u so just vote for Obama!!! @bigchevy14

  • Obama=Our Future!

  • I'm there!

  • crowded

  • Different stage same message...didn't work for the last 4 years isn't going to work for the next 4 years! Do your research people! You're paying $4 a gallon for gas and making $5Gs less a year! You're right Mr President, it is simple arithmetic, and you get an INCOMPLETE! #Romney/Ryan2012

  • I hope they send all illegals home.

  • @yerani_km ...I'm better off. Making $46Gs

  • More.

  • Obama!!!😃

  • NDAA

  • No illegals no burritos

  • Think about that

  • @anthony_palazzo- two things - you are not American - or old enough to vote- but you are a bias racists for sure!!!

  • cmtlam 5y ago


  • cmtlam 5y ago



  • Ahhhhhhhh!(:

  • @fearlesshornett so ironic how worked up you are over prosperous companies who employ millions of Americans! And if you really believed anything you just said you wouldn't be cheering for your favorite football team wearing their team colors eating a Big Mac watching them win on the big screen you bought at Wal-Mart (for a great price) instagramming on your Apple IPad! #checkthat and goodnight

  • Coool

  • Obama sucks he raised our debt to 6 trillion dollars

  • Cooooool

  • Wow thats NICE! #TeamObama

  • Obama is brilliant. He and his family are such a breath of fresh air in Washington. After 8 years of tolerating a total imbecile (W), supernatural forces couldn't rectify the mess that administration left behind. Oh and right on @wendybeee !

  • @wendybeee thankfully 14 year olds can't vote.

  • Cooool! Obama 2012

  • Wow!

  • Thats bull because our debt was on the rise when bush left us with four trillion. If we have six trillion dollar debt its not all him. You uneducated people.still forget there is a Congress also. Whom your tax dollars is going to for doing, WHAT pitching and approving ideas. Anyone can do that. Look at the whole picture.

  • He had to feed ur hungry asset, now you biting the hand that fed you; now go get the left over Romney going to trickle down to you, you're only an asset!!!

  • @renzo_mann Obama added to the debt more than the past 5 presidents combined. The debt is now 16 trillion and it just is getting higher the longer Obama stays in office.

  • Lol I thought this was the vmas

  • bdot_g 5y ago


  • kiasas 5y ago


  • kiasas 5y ago


  • Lame

  • rzola7 5y ago

    4 More Years!

  • amazing

  • WooHoo! It was an awesome night!!!!!

  • Obama for the win!

  • Fuck politics.

  • kfron1 5y ago

    Heard all this last time

  • Keep drinking the #koolaid

  • kfron1 5y ago

    Not falling for it again

  • I can't wait to vote for Romney. 🇺🇸

  • kfron1 5y ago

    He should be a poet not pres

  • Nice to meet you. This scene is a big difference between Japan's political.

  • Obama all day fuck Romney

  • kfron1 5y ago

    Thanks CNN for dialing it down

  • So crazy!

  • kfron1 5y ago

    On the Obama worship

  • Talk is cheap. This election is gonna be about the economy and unemployment numbers.

  • President Obama

  • Team obama niggasssss

  • I was just telling my girlfriends how you can't concentrate on the DNC when you see Anderson, he's too perfect!

  • So many welfare bums in one place. My eyes burn.

  • Obama 👍

  • @fearlesshornett get your numbers straight. 5.2 trillion of the 16 trillion $ national debt is from your highness Obama. Remember govt bailouts and stimulus that didnt work?

  • Well said @lizbutler15

  • Haaaa. Best comment ever @decipherme

  • Looks like a concert.. Very unprofessional :/

  • I just don't understand why ppl have to say such ugly and ignorant things. @decipherme ur lack of intelligence speaks so loudly.

  • @lizbutler15 I totally agree!

  • jemkbh 5y ago


  • 4 more years definitely!! Seriously nobody could of fixed our economy in 4 years give him a break..

  • Democrats are real pll...not a bunch of Suits in a room....I see all types of pll not just a couple races...

  • The hope posters look very faded on my wall. I think it's time to tear them down!

  • I would have like to see this election end up being Ron Paul against Obama. Then we might really see some change!

  • Woq

  • This seems likes Deja vu!! Must be easy running the same campaign twice! And @iron_queen I'm right there with ya!!

  • kfron1 5y ago

    Maybe once you finish your education and get some life experience actually doing a job, which you will never get with Obama, and combine that with some life experience like trying to raise a family in America, you will understand that freedom is priceless and socialism is a great theory that has failed miserably over and over and over again throughout human history, you will understand. These are not new ideas, they are social engineering that have been tried by Marx and Hitler and the USSR. No thanks @fearlesshornett

  • ygyi 5y ago

    @ianmckinzey He's Carter 2, and if history will repeat itself, we're goin to end up with another republican in the white house thx to OBAMA. So you democrats in denial WAKE UP

  • kfron1 5y ago

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. He has been measured and found wanting.

  • Obama <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!

  • Make me famous already

  • #4moreyears Let's go & VOTE FOR OBAMA

  • I seriously CAN'T VOTE for a multi millionaire who doesn't know my struggles as a middle class because we're not in the same boat!!! Like what Pres Clinton said he and the other Presidents before him, could NOT have fix what 8 YEARS of mess the Bush era has left and handed for Obama to fix!

  • If bush can get 4more yrs Obama can too! #forewardnotback #fourmoreyears

  • Silly rabbit! You aren't in the same middle class boat with Obama either. He too was a millionaire before running for president. In 2007 alone he made over $4 million. Is that the boat you are on? Doubt it....

  • Yes we can! Four more years!👏

  • @fearlesshornett Obama is making this country more socialist by taking the money we woke for and giving it to the people that dont bother to try and get a good job you think that's a good thing?

  • obama cant do shit for this country @wendybeee

  • I am not American, but love to observe your politics. My brother is a CEO of a huge company and told us last week that Romney has to get in or people like him and large corporations will not get richer! No mention of the working class, seniors etc... As long as the rich get richer! Then I see a comment by Ashanti today" when you're rich you need a Republican government to take care of you!" the 98% of you who are not wealthy or rich need to open your eyes! You talk of a ' business man' needed to get America 'great' again.....( and I see the derogatory comments about the convention being full of 'welfare bums' How do you sleep at night????? There were worse comments which would shame the average person, until I linked the comment with the profile.... Nuff said!!) ... But the money will not be there for your fellow Americans , it will be lining the pockets of the super rich and be out -sourced to the rest of the World! You cannot say that Democratic government does not work, look at Clinton's record, leaving a balanced budget for Bush to piss away on the oil war!! How sad it is to see such rigid views, and to watch the awful rhetoric!

  • The President is building a strong base to go forward after the Republicans trashed the place. We need a vibrant middle class and good education for all of us to prosper, not just the entitled wealthy.

  • Well said, Tina D

  • @tinaduryea it's too bad more people don't think that way. You're absolutely right

  • You're right Tina!

  • Awesome coverage Anderson!!!

  • I hope everyone commenting actually goes to vote when the time comes.

  • @tinaduryea you just read my mind ..... #awesome #tellem

  • @makkaylajade I could never have sympathy for people who cheat the system, live their life on welfare and unemployment because it pays more than working somewhere and earning the money rightfully. Rather people like you believe its right to steal from those who work for their money, and give to the "less fortunate", aka the lazy asses who use the government. I never said I was better than anyone, but yeah, I sure as hell am better than people who do that kind of stuff. You know, go nowhere with their life and blame it on the wealthy for "hogging the wealth" whereas the wealthy are the ones who worked and rightfully earned their money.

  • Your in my town!!

  • Some people need the help. Don't link all people together just another hater instead of educater.

  • You say that & i agree to a certion degree but what aboutpeople like me who are disabled & cant work even though they want to. Disabled, 4 kids, a hudband that works hard but still cant work full time because he has to stay home alot to help me.yes i get some help from the goverment & no we cant get ahead. Not fair to lable all of the people that get help because some of need it & couldnt survive without it, but still can barely get by. That is a form of racism. Bet your voting for ROMNEY!!!

  • And 2 think this country could get any worse

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