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inesl 267w ago
No matter what anyone tells you! Food makes you feel better. Currently eating my feelings with this "fiesta parfait" πŸ’ƒ

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inesl 1w ago
Woke up to Ronald's and flowers on my birthday yesterday 😍 #vegandonuts #ronaldsdonuts #vegasvegan #libra
inesl 2w ago
I can't believe it's been two months since I've posted on IG. Figures a return begins with donuts and a show: @andrewwk 🀘🏼at @bbowlvegas tonight. Partied hard and laughed a lot, much needed. #lasvegas #partyhard #partypartyparty #brooklynbowl #andrewwk
inesl 12w ago
Because I got a new job, I had to cut back to teaching just one class a week at @evolutionyoga. (Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up a few more now that I’ll have a much better job/schedule starting in 2 weeks!) Teaching Intro to Yoga every week is challenging, humbling and exciting. Every week I prepare a sequence for class but each time, the crowd is so diverse that it requires on-the-spot modifications and class restructuring. Yoga teaches me to be flexible, to prepare for the unplanned, and to go with the β€œflow” ;) That’s the thing I love about yoga: anything that can happen in practice, happens off the mat, too. Hope to see you this Saturday as we grow, move and learn!
Free for members or just $5 for non-members, Saturday 3:00pm at @evolutionlv! See you there πŸ•‰ #yogawithines
inesl 12w ago
You don't need to put veggies in those plastic bags! (Those dang stickers though 😑) Just wash the veggies when ready to eat or buy reusable bags if you have to have to! #PlasticFreeJuly #veganshoppingcart #veganshoppinghaul #whatveganseat
inesl 12w ago
Yesterday I had a great hair day; today I got a new job! Back to teaching high school English πŸ˜¬πŸ“–πŸ“šπŸ“ŒπŸ–ŒπŸ“Ž
inesl 13w ago
Wishing this was my breakfast every morning. Almond milk latte, drop, apricot berry galette, and the new version of their amazing vegan breakfast pocket. #lasvegasvegan #vegasvegan #veganvegas #vegan #veganbreakfast
inesl 13w ago
Pretty girl loves her supervised outside time. #cat #tabby
inesl 13w ago
Imagine my surprise when I go to the @bestfriendsanimalsociety website looking for a job, start scrolling and then see my huge, smiling face!!! 😲 Link to my volunteer story in my bio!! 🐢🐱 #savethemall #bestfriends #bestfriendsanimalsociety #kanab #adopt #animalrescue
inesl 13w ago
Had such a great time last week, let's do it again! This time I feel 100% better! What do you want to practice? What questions do you have? Let's learn about this beautiful, ancient practice together
Free for members or just $5 for non-members at @evolutionyogalv , tomorrow 3:00pm! See you there πŸ•‰ #yogawithines
inesl 14w ago
Bill found out LeBron is an investor in @blazepizza so he picked going there for dinner the other night. As always, delicious and staff is SO friendly. Their popcorn "chicken" is so good! #blazepizza #vegan #veganpizza #tofu #lasvegasvegan #vegasvegan
inesl 15w ago
What are you doing tomorrow? Let's move, let's breathe! Intro to Yoga with me at @evolutionyoga - tomorrow at 3:00pm! Class is free if you're a member and just $5 for non-members. See you there ☺️ #yogawithines
inesl 15w ago
Cat #yoga with Lucy. What pose is this πŸ€” @straightupcatleg #cat #tabby