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Happy birthday Miss @kaye_coy!!:)

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Do you believe in destiny? What do you do when you keep bumping into the same person at different events? For me and Jim, we met 6 years before our first date. That first date lasted for 7 hours because we had such a great time! Imagine, we knew each other for so long but we never exchanged a decent conversation long enough to know we clicked so well?? But I do believe that we were only meant to get together when we were more mature already 😅 I don’t know why I’m making this about my own relationship (haha) but this new video from San Mig Light reminded me of it!! Check out the whole video on their Facebook page: #mahabahabanginuman #mahabahabangusapan
This may have been the most challenging flatlay of my life!😂 The new #OreoThinsPH is so slim, it’s pretty difficult to keep it steady on its side! Are you up for the challenge? Post your own flatlay using Oreo Thins and tag @oreoph for a chance to be featured on Oreo’s Facebook page! Use the hashtags #OreoThinsPH #OreoTHINrrific!
Great news! @certified_calm has partnered up with ICANSERVE and they are donating part of this month’s proceeds to the foundation that helps fight breast cancer! Certified Calm is running a promo called I PINK I CAN wherein you can get select pink products at a discount. They also brought back the limited edition Klean Kanteen in Millennial Blush. For all my friends who keep asking me about mine, get it now while it’s available!!💕 In this photo, everything I’m wearing is from Certified Calm ☺️ #RevitaliseCalm
I'm obsessed with my 7-Eleven Justice League Spinners!! Post your own spinner tricks and you just might get a special prize from me soon! Don't forget to include the hashtags so I see them: #SomersaultSaab #SpinnersUnite
Here’s a photo of me as a little girl, asking abt the man on the cross. I was always a very curious girl. I asked a lot of questions and the moment I learned how to read, I read everything I could get my hands on. Cereal boxes, encyclopedias, my sister’s Archie Comics, my mom’s John Grisham novels. I didn’t understand most words, I couldn’t pronounce them properly either, but I was always hungry for knowledge!
Today is International Day of the Girl and together with @grrrlgangmanila, I want to remind girls that we are capable of so much. Let’s keep learning and stay curious. Thanks, @michdulce, for tagging me! Post your girl power pic with your own personal message/insight on Why Girls Can or What Makes Girls Special. #GrrrlGangManila #GrrrlGangVoices #dayofthegirl
Pre-order Before The Babies bundled with our debut album and save P350: @cheatsph
One of my favorites!! La Mexicana by 🍀 Don’t forget to use the promo code SAAB when you order your salads! Get a 5% discount ☺️
Second attempt at using @sleepstylerph (see previous posts) and got better results!! Started with dry hair last night but dampened with water a little bit and sprayed some sea salt on each section before setting. What usually takes me 45 minutes to finish, only took me 5 minutes in total! Now let’s see how long it lasts👍🏻
Check my previous post to understand this one! The verdict: not bad for heatless curls! I think I’ll try it again tonight, with drier hair and starting a little lower from my roots to avoid weird dents! The front curls look better than the ones in the back bec I think I bunched those up a little too thick. Hair at the back’s still damp when I took off The Sleep Styler! It wasn’t uncomfortable sleeping but it’ll take some getting used to. Will post abt trial 2 tonight ☺️ @sleepstylerph
Trying out this new product called The Sleep Styler from @sleepstylerph. It’s supposed to dry and curl your hair while you sleep. Took only 5 minutes to set it up! Will update you in the morning although I think it will trial and error to get it right!! Tonight I curled it RIGHT AFTER taking a shower and towel-drying. I didn’t pack a hair brush with me (sleeping over at my in-laws’!) so this might look super messy in the morning 😅 Goodnight!
Had a super fun time at the Charming Charlie x Kendall + Kylie launch!! #CCxKKManila #charmingcharlieph ❤️ photo by our fave @rynong
Remember my post about Kuya Robert? Uber made it happen!! Kuya thought we were just going to shoot a documentary! Little did he know he was finally going to see his tita Helen in El Nido, Palawan. Uber is flying in his whole family (he and his wife have 4 kids!) and taking care of accommodations. #KayoRinPo kuya makakapag vacation na!💕 So heartwarming to be part of something like this. Thanks for choosing Kuya Robert, @uber_phl ❤️ visit this link to watch the full vid:
Cheats circa 1980s haha JK!! Mom was born 2 days after pop and today we celebrate her 53rd bday! You taught me to be strong yet kind, smart yet patient, proud yet forgiving, and so much more. You once said that people will mostly be remembered by how they touch the lives of others and how they raise their children. I hope I can do half as good a job as you ❤️ Love you, mama!!! Happy birthday!!