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TREND ALERT! Hear me out on this one: coffee & donuts. I know, pretty outrageous. But trust me, this combo's gonna take the world by storm. ☕️: @foxtailcoffeeco + 🍩: @ilovebuttermilk
Some cool kids wearing tall socks, boat shoes & lanyards were smoking weed on this fallen tree before I kicked them out & posed for this candid shot of me doing inspirational yoga poses. #blessed #yogi #plantbased #jordachejeans
Posting this because I'm currently freaking the feck out in my dentist's waiting room.. Also because I'm missing my mountain man @abanetrain hard today.
Dis my bb. She havin a bb. Thinking about being 'Titi Kaley' is helping with my hurricane anxiety. If you need me I'll be crushing beers, nervously pacing & online shopping for bb clothes.
My heart's so full this weekend, its bout to 'splode. Spent the weekend in the middle of a mountain with this stud and our beautiful friends. 💜
I like a little atmosphere when I'm scarfing down @burgerking chicken fries. (I lead a glamorous life..)
#airportfood #eatlocal
Got my hands on some dank whale sauce from @treehousebrewco. (Supposedly these are beer terms.) All I know is I dug it. "Bright" papaya & clementine notes from Mosaic hops without a trace of bitterness: 👌🏼
Doing Florida things with @abanetrain (Mostly people watching & sneaking back to the car for beer...) BONUS: we saw an armadillo 😍
CALLING IT: @dogfishhead's Lupu-Luau is the beer of the summer! Hazy & heavy on the toasted coconut and coconut water. S'good 👌🏼🍺
Okay, I promise this is the last one from my day trip to Tampa... (for now) I can't quite express in words how this view made me feel, so I'll let emojis do it for me: 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙊😍🌱🗣🙆🏻💘
This photo was plan B. Plan A: a #boomerang of me sliding down the banister 🐒
W E R K P E R K S 🍺 When your week had 2 Mondays, you drink lots of [homebrewed] beer on Friday..
One of my favorite things happening in Orlando right now is the kitschy-spooky goodness @secretsocietygoods is churning out. New pin is guarding my plant until it migrates to my jean jacket for the winter 🌋