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Tini time!

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Without a doubt, running is painful. It not only tests your physical strength but your mental strength as well. It is far too easy to simply slow down and walk when you start to get tired. Continuously running, pushing yourself an extra five or ten minutes surely starts to increase your mental willpower. Running gives you the ability to go your hardest — until your legs feel like spaghetti and you want is to collapse on a stranger’s grassy lawn. If you train yourself to run your best and hardest every time, you’ll train your brain in other ways, too. Running trains your brain to push and strive to do your best, and these ideas will inevitably pour over into other aspects of your life.
My baby niece isn't a baby anymore 😭😭😭🎃
If a task is once begun, never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.
...cause are you even marathon training if you haven't bought STOCK in KT tape & compression socks? I think not 😝😝
I iz giraffe #latergram (why isn't there a giraffe emoji??)
Why does this card look so much like Martha Stewart, though? (And why does the description sound so much like me? 😝)
Sometimes I have to remind myself how much courage it takes to be vulnerable.
Everybody wants the view from the top; but what did you learn during the climb?
In honor of the last fuck I ever gave, I chopped it all off. (It's true what they say, #ShortHairDontCare) #newhairwhodis
Learning a new board game, like what is going on here?????! 😝
Marathon training started today. Ironically, my toe nails match my brooks! (That actually was an accident) #runchat #austinmarathon
Pool Hangs.
As ready as I am for fall, I'm not ready for pool days to end 😭😩