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pesco 266w ago
@hrheingold and RU Sirius at William Gibson lecture
  • chris23 266w ago

    wish i were there tonight!

  • dmdlikes 266w ago

    Wow kore and ru. Looks like a good night!

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pesco 8w ago
Tim Daly and I showing our Voyager Golden Record box set to the inimitable Timothy Ferris, producer of the original Voyager Record in 1977! He has been such an inspiration and supporter of this project and wrote a beautiful essay for our book accompanying the vinyl. We had just attended a screening of The Farthest, the new documentary about the Voyager mission that airs on PBS this Wednesday. Looks like Tim's quite pleased with @lad_design and @frankiestein666's magnificent design and @stoughtonprinting's packaging. (Photos by the lovely and multitalented @kellynoellesparks!) #vinyl #vinyligclub #nasa #goldenrecord #carlsagan
pesco 9w ago
"This is how we festival," says Lux. @outsidelands (Otherworldly sculpture by @mars_1_)
pesco 11w ago
"The launching of this 'bottle' into the cosmic 'ocean' says something very hopeful about life on this planet," wrote Carl Sagan. Shipping soon: Our 40th anniversary edition of the Voyager Golden Record masterfully designed by @lad_design with packaging manufactured by the fine artisans of @stoughtonprinting. Swipe left for a glimpse. #voyagergoldenrecord #carlsagan #vinyl #vinyligclub
pesco 14w ago
Between record shops, a worthwhile dig for vintage Atari and Nintendo cartridges. Lux happily dropped $6 total for Frogger (1982) and Double Dribble (1986). #vintagevideogames
pesco 15w ago
So honored to spend time with the inimitable Annie Druyan, wife and collaborator of Carl Sagan, co-writer of Cosmos, and creative director of the original Voyager Golden Record. An audio sampling of Annie's brainwaves are now 12 billion miles from Earth. What was she thinking about when they recorded the electrical impulses of her brain? Love.
pesco 15w ago
Tim Daly and I visiting the home of @thefamilyacid! Thank you to the wonderful and inspiring Roger Steffens for taking us deep into your reggae archive. Swipe for a glimpse of the live concert tape collection and a fraction of the vinyl vault! #vinyl #reggae #bobmarley
pesco 16w ago
Thank you to my thoughtful family @kellynoellesparks, Lux, and Harlow for the Father's Day gift of this elegant "Now Spinning" record stand from @recorddividers! #vinyl #records
pesco 18w ago
"Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me." Lux, Max, and Matteo cover @greenday at today's #GuitarSchoolRocks showcase.
pesco 19w ago
Happy National Doughnut Day! None sweeter though than the lovely @kellynoellesparks volunteering at the kids' school at 7am!
pesco 19w ago
Press check for the art print that will be inside our Voyager Golden Record box set. Gold foil on archival paper masterfully printed by the fine artisans at @stoughtonprinting! #goldenrecord