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  Posted: Sep 5, 2012 6:03 AM FEED
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#notfakesymmetry // so, I recently got blasted by a friend because my @Instagram app is not on my "home" (main) screen on my iPhone πŸ˜‚ I'm curious - is your Instagram app on your home screen?
  • haha mine is!

  • j.osh 5y ago

    No but I've got a whole screen for IG & photography apps. (with many many folders) hahaha

  • Yes! Definitely on my home screen but all my photo editing apps are in a folder on the second screen. And goodness, do I love this imagine. Yay lunchtime explorations.

  • Nice !

  • @fmoneyson Haha! I feel like I should move it, but as @ohmyjosh_ said, I have IG on my 2nd screen, along with all my editing apps!

  • @yasminelizabeth I may even start a new tag regarding my lunchtime adventures! My IG app is on my 2nd screen, along with all editing apps. I'm so particular like that! Thanks for the love.. (pretends I didn't see your typo) ;)

  • @bobby_j Thanks buddy. I've decided I'm going to enter every building in Sydney coz I'm sure there are more hidden gems like this!

  • Yes, yes I do. Essential editing apps screen 1, all else screen 3

  • Ahhhhh I hate typos! Gah.

  • It's in a Social Media folder in my home screen. Next to a Camera folder, which is next to the Photo edit and Framing folder. Top3 folders in fact. The first in that row is a First Aid app, cuz well, you never know!

  • You are most definitely the queen of symmetry! This is a fantastic shot. My app isn't on my home screen either. Gotta keep it with my photo/editing apps for organization ;)

  • @yasminelizabeth But ahhh, I love your typos!

  • @solarfractal Really?! I'll have to check your phone out at the next meet ;)

  • @luvluca You are so wonderful, Tiffany! That is such a huge compliment and I appreciate it greatly. Thank you :) Now, the bottom right hand railing is about 0.5 mm off, but I'm gonna pretend I didn't notice 😝 I'm with you on organization - my IG app is on my 2nd screen, along with all my editing apps!

  • @poeticwordvomit i seldom actually 'take' photos in IG (just use it for distribution). So its not directly on my home screen. Its in a folder with loads of other photo goodies :)

  • Fabulously aligned as always!

  •   ξ€’ actually no my IG app is hidden amongst all the apps my son has downloaded-Monopoly-Flash light etc  

  • @thepastamaster Yep, I always shoot with the native camera. Seems not many have IG on the home screen - I guess more of us like organization! ;)

  • Home page and right in the middle ;)

  • @brian_sweet Hello you! It's been a while - hope you had a great holiday :) Thank you for your kind comment!

  • My kind of building. Beautifully captured @poeticwordvomit :)

  • Biggie mines last on the second page, too much of a distraction to be on the home page! πŸ˜‚

  • Yes... Shocked that it's not on yours, how could that be? 😱 I use it more often than the phone, so it's where it needs to be :) All other photo apps are in folders though.

  • Yes, second row from above to the right... πŸ˜ƒ All my 'daily' apps are on my home screen...

  • Wonderful ✨

  • Mine is first on the main toolbar at the bottom! Always easy to find!πŸ˜„πŸ“²

  • Fantastic shot

  • Bottom left just above the dock on the home screen. :)

  • Home screen, but in a sub-folder for fotos...however Snapseed is on my 5th screen πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚ Must reorganise !! Super shot btw ✨

  • Gorgeous shot!! I'm with @mark_as_seen - second row down second from the right - most important app on my iPhone next to the camera itself! πŸ˜‰ My daughter tried to tidy and organize all my apps and stuck IG in a folder somewhere in the back! Yipes!

  • Dude!!! Mine is on my dock and I made @13juju put his there too. We were fighting about it at work for awhile. Lol

  • Haha you did it πŸ˜‚ Good to hear what other people have going on. As you have seen- mine is in the bottom task thingo 😁 (photo = stupendous)

  • Mine is 2nd page with my 'interactive' apps, such as Nike+, Skype, twitter, FB. All my editing apps together on p.3 page 4 has... Blah, blah, blah! Everything in its place for me. Great photo & interesting conversation!

  • Your photos never fail to amaze me @poeticwordvomit and yeah @instagram is on my home screen! Though i'm using a galaxy S3(:

  • @poeticwordvomit @nialloleary I can never find the icon - I have a son who likes to move it for me:)

  • another goood photo

  • Great shot!! And my IG app is on the home/ main page and right next to it a folder with all the editing goodies!! Haha

  • This is pretty elegant.

  • This is pretty elegant.

  • P.S. my Instagram icon Is a little buried. Don't want to make it too accessible - already spend enough time here as it is ! 😳

  • dkoons 5y ago

    Very nice, Samah! :)

  • It's beautiful ☺

  • Of course it is. I manage to be pragmatic sometimes. 😜

  • Mine is on the second screen along with all the photo apps, including native camera.

  • I'm with all the other organised souls. All my photo apps are on the second screen, everything else is screen 3. And I have my photo apps organised into folders by type 😜 Anything else would do my head in.

  • svotra 5y ago

    Everything photo related is on my first screen. Great shot, Sam!

  • Stored away safely in an app folder lol

  • Nice pic ! In a photo folder main screen

  • All day. :)

  • 😍wow

  • mpalko 5y ago

    Great eye for symmetry! I have a dedicated page to photography and my Instagram lives there, but my camera lives on the dock so it's available all the time.

  • It's inside my Photo box/ group thing on my first page along with the editing apps and all that ressembles photography stuff on my iPhone. I box everything, I'm a order freak (but don't look at the mess in my mac or worse, on my external hard drive!)

  • Very nice.

  • Yes.

  • Oh, god yes. All my editing apps remain in folders, but IG is on the home screen, seeing as its the first thing I check in the a.m. and the last thing at night. Erm, 'cept my alarm, set for ludicrously early o'clock. 😏

  • Lovely shot! Yes...home screen.

  • Nope. It's right where it stuck when I downloaded it. Second right on the top row of the second page. I dunno why; never occurred to me that a single finger or thumb swipe was wasting my time.

  • @hufmeister Remember the stairs shot you love from my earlier uploads? Well, I walked up them today, turned around and this is what I found.

  • alexvh 5y ago

    Ha ha @redblueox that's exactly where mine is too. Just where it fell when I got it.

  • Great shot Samah! As of a few months back I moved it to my home screen. That extra step, sliding to the next screen was using up valuable IG time!

  • Hahahha ummmm yes it is. But it's in a folder!!! Keeps me from being a nut right?? Haha

  • caliva 5y ago


  • Very BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • macroe 5y ago

    Mine certainly is!! Haha but my wife wants me to banish it to app limbo to die a slow death!

  • Nice pic! My IG app is on page 2, but not in a folder for quick access.

  • Lovely symmetry! Haha I have to agree with your friend :P I've been keeping mine in a folder on the home screen and been thinking about upgrading it out of the folder

  • Yes, top left corner. First in line. :)

  • Pixel-perfect precision as usual. Nice! My IG icon is lumped in with all the other apps, in alphabetical order. No folders, no complicated 'organisation', can't be bothered with all that ;)

  • On my dock. Too addicted. Lol

  • @sterlingmaxwell You are not alone mate! Seems a few need that quick access ;)

  • @william8888 Wow, alphabetical order?! I didn't even know there's an option to do that!

  • @fetterbug Ha! I think you are the first that has it in that spot! Mine is on top of my 2nd screen, 2nd from left lol

  • i see a face! recently upgraded mine to home screen bottom left. lol.

  • debb_a 5y ago

    On my dock too!! Agh.

  • Love it! And no mine isn't. I moved it there for a while and ended up never using it so biggest failed experiment ever.

  • Great shot Samah! Love the colors . Mine is on the first screen.

  • Dope framing!

  • Great Sam!!! πŸ‘Œ

  • @sicvitaest Ha! "upgrading it out of the folder" - that made me laugh! Thanks Amy :)

  • @senor_p Thank you, Matt! It's a lil different and busier than my usual stuff lately, but still symmetrical 😝 @panyrek I appreciate your comment as it took me a while to decide on the tone. Thanks Kitty! @tulikaj That's so interesting! Mine is on my 2nd, top, 2nd from left lol @debb_a There are so many who have it on their docks! @lushhome Ha! It's been interesting reading all the replies. Some have moved to the dock, some are are in alphabetical order, some in a folder πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

  • @caliva Thanks, lady! Have you settled back into life after that amazing holiday?!

  • @alexvh @redblueox - Ha! My apps are pretty organized.. I don't think it would ever move to my home screen. It's been an interesting discussion topic - thanks for participating!

  • HaHa. Yes!

  • Haha! It sure is! Just do it. It saves your thumbs πŸ˜‰

  • Fasten your seatbelt: mine is even in the menubar.

  • fudge.... I move mine around a lot, I have OCD.

  • but you knew that

  • @hey_ber Ha! I've never actually moved mine! It's always been 2nd page, 2nd top left 😁

  • @caldrew I've seen a few that place it there.. Extreme easy access!

  • @ryanpostel Haha, but I am so used to the set up now! Besides, I already spend too much time here so I may just leave it on the 2nd screen 😝

  • @n_cruz Haha - I am so surprised at how many people have it on their home screen!

  • @mark_as_seen Is that top right Mark? All my photography apps are top right! πŸ˜ƒ

  • You got that right, top right ;) @pardalote

  • Such an interesting question! Menu bar is extreme dedication! @caldrew Mine is on my home screen but then I only have two screens because I group all of my apps together so much.

  • Lovely

  • You have a very intriguing album! I can tell you have a symmetrical and geometrical mind! Good work!

  • Mum I just moved my instagram app over to the home page... I've been resisting! Great album.

  • pretty shot! ξ€² ξŒ…

  • Nope I have a screen just for pics

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