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  • wlanza814 267w ago

    Every moron on this post talking about Romney bringing back America! You're all retarded!!(especially the women voting for him) Do some research!! He couldn't even run one state & unless your making 1,000,000+ he's not doing shit for you! He's a pathetic lying scum n so's his lying pos vp pick!!! All of you racist repubs need to disappear! Everyone else, Obama got this! #teamobama 2012!!

  • @nbcnews , I think it would be interesting of Michelle ran for president. @nbcnightlynews could you maybe comment on this to me about what would happen if she did?

  • f_rod_sd 267w ago

    Don't feed the republicant trolls.

  • If u think Romney cares about u then u r stupid he is a capitalist all he cares about is getting and making money. How are you going to feel if u get sick and u have no health insurance? Your children are unable to attend college BC you have less than perfect credit. Not to mention u better never.retire BC u wont be able to draw ssi if Romney wins. #teamObama

  • _lucii007 267w ago

    @sweet___p7dahl Who the hell are you to say such an ugly word?? I just briefly browsed through your pictures and from the looks of it you are a disgusting human being! You legit are ugly inside and out, have no education, look like you pop pills, have crusty ass toes and have a filthy ass house..probably a trailer!! Eww, its people like you that make this world a hateful place to live in. That's all.

  • rumannie 267w ago

    First lady 👌

  • @peterwetherbee I think so too

  • @f_rod_sd I don't think that's fair to think that's a republican thought, it's a stupid thing to think/write. I think she just wants attention to break up the boring life she is living.

  • Obama has done nothing for this country but make it worse. #TeamRomney

  • Obama has done all he can for this country unlike Bush.. Osama, Gaddafi, health care, he doesn't make your decision if you want to have an abortion or not and he certainly won't convert you to Christianity lol

  • @jkd3an the stock markets were crashing he stopped stopped them the country was about to go bankrupt he.stopped that. He has Obamacare he is making it so more.students can afford to further their education.... Romney isn't going for u!

  • raa95 267w ago

    @delilahbw3 go ahead and keep pointing the finger just like #nobama is... Your celebrity president is a joke and has done nothing good for this country.

  • Increíble palabras, magnifica presentación ... Wowwwww

  • “yes, Obama duped young people by not doing every single thing they want. So now, they’ll all vote Republican. It’s like when I want some bread, I won’t settle for half a loaf. Instead, I will have a muffin made of broken glass” -Stephen Colbert

  • @raa95 you aren't 18 yet are you...

  • unibabuni 267w ago

    @siasmalls what has Gaddafi have to do with America? Lol

  • She is a great speaker, and a great role model for young girls!

  • Ok you say obama has done nothing for this country so bush has, he is a republican we gave him 8 years to run this country and instead he fucked up this country. How can obama fixed this country up in 4 years after 8 years of fucking up. I also noticed not trying to be racial that a lot of white ppl are team Romney. What having a blk president is that bad that y'all just have to have a white president. Ummmm it makes me ponder

  • ohmy_gab 267w ago

    God Bless America and God Bless the First Family #Obama2012...Peace and Blessing to all and To all Good Night 💋 #4moreyears

  • @unibabuni it just shows how Obama can try to help out other countries lol

  • mrsziello 267w ago


  • hadan87 267w ago

    My city wouldn't be the same author the blacks and the mexicans. People that have race issues whether white or black need to kill themselves @sweet_p7dahl kill yourself er grow up it's 2012 bitch #onelove

  • #FirstLady and her speech was amazing. Bravo👏🇺🇸👏🇺🇸 #teamobama #OBAMA2012

  • raa95 267w ago

    @stace24seven at least I'm not blind and understand politics.

  • She is such a beautiful amazing woman. She made me cry.. Luv her

  • unibabuni 267w ago

    @siasmalls he didn't help them.. Its a mess now.. And all the Libyan oil is coming here to you Americans.. Gaddaffi's Libya was rich, people were lazy and took things for granted. The whole arab spring was created by your government through media like facebook and youtube and then they so conveniently removed him as to "save" the nation from a horrid dictator... As for Obama I think he is a hundred times better than Romney and has been a great president past 4 years especially landing atop all the mess Bush had left behind, however, Gaddaffi was just unlucky owning a very rich in oil country.. Kinda sad really!

  • Lol...point proven

  • Wow! Idk who @sweet__p7dahl is but they must have removed her comment bc yall are str8 going in on her...what did she say?

  • bj0nes21 267w ago


  • Romney.Obama done nothing!

  • Obama's trying to bankrupt this country by promising to cut the deficit it almost doubled instead, Obamacare is a joke I work my ass off everyday for what? To support a bunch of people who don't want to work? It's not hard at all these days to get government help and that's are tax money just being thrown away. It's time to stop blaming Bush and look At right now Our country is falling apart and it will just continue to go to hell with him in office another 4 years.

  • We had to put up with 8 years of Bush. So leave it alone.

  • mxking1 267w ago

    This needs a wake up call

  • OBAMA!! HYFR!!

  • elly._.1 267w ago

    I love Obama!

  • Stop drinking the cool aid people it's what got us into this mess

  • 08192k15_ 267w ago

    Team obama please .... ! My roosters and I really need this! Romney is bush incognito We can do it america!(:

  • Somebody Obamafy her! She JUST DOSENT GET IT

  • twheat 267w ago

    @poisonarch12 Kool-Aid, @_mrhenry Doesn't

  • Obama all the way...

  • shanejrt 267w ago

    I just can't vote for a guy that already hasn't done his job. He and his wife speak well, but they did also the first time and things got worse. The country made the mistake of re-electing bush after he lied and failed to do his job let's not repeat that by re-electing Obama.

  • jenvargas 267w ago

    Oh please... where was this complaining nine years ago?

  • I loved it. great night for democrats.

  • @jkd3an what you think Romney will do tell me because when Bush was fucking up the country all the republicans was for it so they thought if they vote a democrat in they thought he could clean up bush shit but what they didn't face was reality and that was how could a person clean up a person fucked up shit that he have created in 8 years in 4 news flash fool he can't

  • Ron paul

  • mygirlsma 267w ago

    Wow well words like that from an educated man like yourself don't give you many words to stand on

  • @twheat I ALWAYS make that silly mistake! Thanks. its never happening again! #momentforlife

  • Romney just Doesn't get it!

  • We believe in change!

  • heyjunie 267w ago

    That's like saying Reagan blamed Carter.....said no one!!

  • troopa 267w ago

    Both of them are corporate pupp

  • Great speech Mrs. Obama gave today👍✌

  • snielsss 267w ago

    What gets me about Republicans is that they are ProLife, but when someone is unable to "work hard" to afford health insurance for a child with a preexisting condition its like "oh well, f*ck em. They should work harder." #Obama2012

  • @snielsss yup! They are "prolife" yet also completely and overly prowar. So many contradictions.

  • @snielsss 👏👏👏

  • styleit50 267w ago


  • cramsti 267w ago

    Lol. I have to laugh cuss you Obama trolley have not done one bit of research? What exactly did be do. That's right Clinton got it right, empty chair, race baiting, protects his criminal friends, non-transparent, lire in chief. You know it as well as the rest of us. Stop believing the lies he speaks, hello, do a little fact checking on your Obama. You can do research can't you. Or are you scared what you fill find? Go ahead make my day.

  • I would rather not, but keep you opinions to yourself tough guy, cause its not helpin your public appeal @cramsti

  • flipgram 267w ago

    Romney believes that women should not have the same rights as men.

  • Class act mrs obama

  • lyv2lyv 267w ago

    LMAAAOOOOOOOOO HE SAID CLINTON!!! Lmaaaaoooo. Awwwwwww you should just delete all your comments @cramsti and take a lonnnngggggg nap so you can try again in 4 years lol

  • lraines4 267w ago

    Come again? What language is that? @cramsti

  • emmmhontz 267w ago

    @cramsti - you better check yo'self (and your spelling) before you wreck yo'self! MICHELLE OBAMA 2012!!!

  • guinhu_u 267w ago

    Obama all the way

  • Obama sucks and his wife to!

  • lyonmade 267w ago

    I can't get over how many times I hear people complain about Bush during an election that he's not even in. Checks and balances, everyone has had a hand in creating this mess. Or we can just keep pointing fingers for the next 4 years, with still no solution.

  • g_untld 267w ago

    @cramsti An education never hurt your case would be extremely helpful. Your an idiot! I know kindergarden kids that spell better...and your a grown ass man. Your future is fucked with or without Romney.

  • Go see Obama 2016

  • Let's go Obama

  • weezyf805 267w ago

    See I graduated university with a bachelors degree in 2008, sent in thousands of resumes maybe got interviewed twice and I still work at a mall making less than the non degree holders, I need change..more importantly I need a job to pay off my student loans, at this rate I'm gonna be in debt for life. What's the point of college if you can't even pay it off...fml im soo sad

  • This post has got to have the ugliest comments I have ever seen. How dare you people talk to another person this way. Someone stated that most white people are for Romney because Obama is black and we can't handle having a black president? Obama is also half white that's a fact that is never spoken about. Obama hasnt done anything for this country. Talk about obamacare? You will all see in 2014 when the taxes kick in and we go from paying 90 dollars a month to 240 a month for Medicare. We the tax payers are paying for that NOT Obama. Another question I have for all the pro choice (which I am) anti-war liberals is what happened to all the stop the war protests? Where did that go? There has been more casualties in the last 3 years then there was the entire time. The only thing Obama is good at is talking and making you believe what he says. He and his wife are very smart good speakers. That's it. We do need a change. Only I don't know if Romney is the change this country needs. I personally think we're fucked either way.

  • f_rod_sd 267w ago

    Get out and vote.

  • I wish I had arms like her. She is so fit and I can really see the biceps and triceps coming through.

  • @waynestagram805 if Bush never stepped in office, you, me or any of us wouldn't have this problem, if you're behind a week of coursework and the next week of coursework is due, it's hard to catchup right? But you do sometime down the line, that's exactly what's happening now, its impossible to fix 8 years worth of torture and mayhem that Bush got this country into in 4 years, you do the math, so when you complain about not finding work look at where it all stemmed from, even if Obama was white, Spanish Chinese whatever, it's still not fair to blame one man for another mans uneducated decisions, through the depression, the rich remained rich right? We're the only ones who suffered but Obama will change all of that with a little more time, repubs don't care about anyone who's irrelevant (under $100,000 annually) so think twice about your comment unless you like being the underdog

  • @carrie1741 I agree with you that it's sad the race card is being played so much but at the same time it's reality, I've read comments on both sides about Obama being the president, either y'all don't want him in because he's black or we don't need another 4 years with this black man in the office, you can't just pick and choose what comments you want to read and respond to because I should have wrote a book after reading so many hurtful comment coming from white ppl not only about Obama but myself as well being a African American woman, all of its wrong, he Obama was fully white this mess Bush created wouldn't be fix, Bush couldn't fix it so why ppl so mad that after only 4 years in the WHouse things aren't 100? It's a heck of a lot better than Bush days and someone to lie about that it must be a personally problem against that man than business/politics... At the end of the day, you, me, him, her, nobody's recovery instantly over a short time span from that hell Bush created point blank period, we just need to vote more based on our future and children's future, I'm not rich and surely not voting for the rich to get richer and after all of these years of college I worked hard at to stay where I'm, no time for personal feelings

  • @kellikelzzz it is so easy to give Obama a pass and blame everything on Bush isn't it? That worked for the first two years but it's been almost 4 and things are worse now than when Bush was in office. Call it the race card all you want but you can't play the Bush card forever either.

  • @naikilemhsoj how do you know who has an education and who doesn't? Is this a personal opinion/attack like everything about this election seems to be? You do your research, it's not the first time it was said and surly not the last, so I guess we all ( white, black, chinese, spanish) who has said the same thing is uneducated right? SMH at this buffoonery you portray @torres127

  • snielsss 267w ago

    It takes long than four years to clean up the mess Bush made over eight years. People think he can just snap his fingers and make everything better, be realistic people. Like a storm destroying, it only takes a few minutes or hours, but it takes years to recover.

  • snielsss 267w ago

    *like a storm destroying a city. Opps.

  • Totally agree with you @carrie1741

  • @kellikelzzz I spent nearly an hour reading the comments and I can say that the disgustingness definitely goes both ways. Color has nothing to do with politics. Everything goes back to race and both blacks and whites are to blame. The racism has to end. You can't blame Bush for every single problem. Obama has spent a hell of a lot more money then Bush ever did. He has NOT done a good job serving our country. He has put us in more debt then ever and bottom line is we need a change. We need someone who knows what the hell they are doing. All I know is I look around NYC and I have never seen so many for sale signs/foreclosures/family owned businesses closed. It's sad and if obama is elected we're going to see a whole lot more.

  • imtmack 267w ago

    @carrie1741 u need to do some fact checking. When Bush took office the county was in the black. Meaning we had no debt. When Bush left the debt was nearing $11 trillion. I don't think Barack has spent as much as Bush.

  • hgb111 267w ago

    You all need to stop blaming Bush for our problems. Obama needs to take full responsibility for his actions. That's the only way to make "change". Firstly, the National Debt has increased more during President Obama's three years and two months in office than it did during 8 years of the Bush presidency. The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office. Secondly, during Bush's first and second term the record high percentage for the unemployment rate was at 7.3% while during Obama's first term the record high stood at a whopping 10%. I can't tell you if Romney will be capable of fixing this, but whoever is elected/reelected needs to "get their head in the game."

  • insta_mes 267w ago

    Obama for 2012 !! Best president...

  • Things have been like this from the time we have named our first president our government is corrupted and it always has been why do you think all of us are in the dark about what's really going on in this world hell they killed JFK because he was for the people and he belived that the people should know what the government knows all the government has ever been is secrets and there is no telling if we will ever know what's really happening or even where all of our tax dollars are going

  • If you wanna make a change occupy the streets don't go to work don't buy gas or anything and then you will get their attention because without all of us Americans doing our part the government don't get their big paychecks they look forward to spending each month so if all your going to do is complain about it on instagram the go waste you life away but if you wanna change something then get active

  • Oh yeah and nbc can lick my butthole that goesa for all main stream media

  • Go Romney

  • What an awesome farewell party!!!

  • @carrie1741 So I have a question for you, do you really think, really really think that when Bush was in office our economy didn't feel like it was the end of the world? And our troops were dying left and right like there was no tomorrow? I don't think so. I NEVER played the race card, that's your doing, I mentioned Obama could be multiple races and it still wouldn't matter, right is right and fair is fair, I LOVE all race and if you personally knew me you would have never even thought to say something like that, me being a woman doesn't mean I agree with all women and me being a African American woman doesn't mean I agree with all African Americans, it's all about principles, and Romney what ever color he is he's a Pub who don't value me or my future or my children future, and that's the only card I'm playing thank you very much😏

  • @omgwtf_someone_actually Funny you mention this and compare our lives to a movie, sorry to bust your bubble but me and millions of other Americans felt like that when Bush was in office, have you ever heard of the saying "things get worse before they get better" exactly what the case is now, 4 years to clean up 8 years of 💩 is not enough time, please stop being gullible and snap out of it, may Obama can fix this country, maybe not, but I know for darn sure Romney can't and won't, I'm not a factor in his perfectly rich world and neither are you most likely, I base my facts on statistics, nothing personal and has nothing to do with Romney skin color... Oh and never will I vote against... OBAMA/BIDEN2012 REELECTED FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT🇺🇸👍✌

  • skibby 267w ago

    I'm amazed at how political Instagram has become. Can you guys not piss off to twitter and leave us photo enthusiasts to enjoy our space.

  • weezyf805 267w ago

    Lol I'm just messin, cool pics by the way

  • skibby 267w ago

    @waynestagram805 no hard feelings. Glad you like the pics.

  • Obama sucks he supports baby killing and hates guns. He doesnt do anything but throw away money and make pointless laws @kellikelzzz

  • I think I'd rather have Michelle run the country rather than Barack

  • @tc443 Sorry to disappoint you but baby killing(abortion) was around a lot longer than Obama was in office and I HATE GUNS, he got my vote just for that... Romney don't care if abortion was around or not, such gullible ppl

  • guruljin 267w ago

    Where KKK looks?

  • Obama sucks!!! I hope Romney wins

  • @tc443 how old are you? Get Yo Lyfe Loser👎🐱👈😁... Get it right, its PUSSYCAT to you piece of 💩... Next...🙅💁

  • Ur just mad cuz you know your wrong @kellikelzzz

  • @tc443 I'm not mad trust me, I didn't call you a p^$$¥ did I? I didn't think so, you're mad, life is too good to be mad, and I'm far from wrong...OBAMA2012-16

  • @tc443 😥 aww thank you, didn't know you knew me but thanks... As I look to the left of me while talking to a empty chair💺... Make my day🎬😭😂... Bunch of lost souls those Pubs😱...Now as I said before, NEXT✊, enjoy the rest of your 🌙, I will🇺🇸

  • George Bush messed it up and Obama is trying to fix it but all the republicans in congress won't let him. He was trying to give our free health care for crying out loud! He even said that IT WAS NOT GOING TWORDS ABORTION. No one will let him fix America. @terps99, can you stop putting Obama down. He is trying to fix everything

  • Are u scared to admit your wrong? @kellikelzzz

  • Thank you! finally someone who knows what there talking about @joseph_james7

  • wndycty 266w ago

    it's going to take 4 more years, probably more than that, to fix the dang mess that Dubya left for Obama. He can't fix it overnight ya dingbats!

  • @tc443 no I'm not wrong, turn on the news and read the paper, millions of ppl agree with me, the Pubs didn't get half the positive feedback the Dems got yesterday, not even a quarter of it, not only is it #facts, but real life, bext time tell oldness👴to stop tlkn to chairs💺👈😲 and start talking about how they can help Obama continue to dig us out of Bush nightmare, can't blame it on Clinton or Obama ... Just joint the Dems, we welcome all strays, oh you can come too @joseph_james7 ... And @wndycty I agree with you 100%, they in denial that's all, I Luv your saying "Dingbats"... Classic😉

  • Hey did u hear about that 11 TRILLION dollar debt our country is in because of Obama and his crew, or about operation fast and furious that one of obama's crew oversaw. Obama can talk alot but talk is cheap @kellikelzzz @wndycty

  • Ya exactly and did u guys know that since obama went into office the tax levels have went through the roof in gas and in stores it is ridicules 😡boo Obama for putting us in this mess!!!!

  • Please give us a shoutout at @rememberanceOf9_11

  • Yeah right

  • dpb1983 266w ago

    Wow, I am just blown away that after only four years people are actually dumb enough to give the republicans the wheel again. It seems implausible that we can forget $5 gas (Bush), net job losses of over 400,000 per month (Bush), and the start of three pointless wars (Bush). 4 years is not even close to enough time to fix what that ass did to this country. Even the recession in late 80's early 90's did not end until the second Clinton term, which was almost 10 years. It doesn't help to have more than half of congress dead set on getting rid of the president since the day he took office. There can be no recovery until the political gridlock is broken. Republicans knew the only chance that they had was to make sure our country stays in the dump, so they can pretend that they care and know how to fix it. Sorry, but someone who would actually work to keep our president from succeeding in order to promote their own party has no interest in the success of this country. Let's hear some of these ideas the republicans have to fix the economy, not just shove their religious ideals down this country's throat! Oh wait, they don't have any!

  • Well said thank you!

  • Nobama let's vote him out

  • Vote Obama out!! Romney2012

  • Vote Obama!!!

  • @brown346 I'm with you! Well said!!!😄

  • Vote far who u voting far n others do ra same in sick of hearin yall problems BLAME IT ON BUSH. Signin out OBAMA FAN

  • Da

  • What ev @a_l_l_i_s_o_n_ stop sticking up for Obama do you know how many people he layed off!!

  • You are right @delilahbw3

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"The president of the United States is tweeting out threats to withdraw assistance, that is an outrage, that is an insult," Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) said on the House floor on Thursday.
The U.S. House of Representatives approved $36.5 billion in emergency relief for #hurricane-hit Puerto Rico and other areas that have suffered recent disasters.
The bipartisan bill sailed through the Republican-controlled House - approved by a 353-to-69 vote - just hours after President Donald Trump said that government response teams could not stay in #PuertoRico "forever."
Trump criticized Puerto Rico for "a total lack of accountability," saying "electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes."
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Spectators watch as the #HoaBinh #hydroelectric power plant opens the flood gates after a heavy rainfall outside #Hanoi, #Vietnam, on Thursday.
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