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  • Where are all the 🇮🇹?

  • Lil Italy? Where are all the 🇮🇹 and waiters on the street that think if the call you "bella" you go to their restaurant?!

  • Where are all the 🇮🇹?

  • My IPhone kept giving me the red exclamation point so i kept rewriting these...I am thankful you cannot see them all. Your new little italy looks a lot classier. Miss you.

  • kendra 266w ago

    @twoscooptuesday Bella amore, it's not the same without you and all the italians and the chineses. mish you

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kendra 6w ago
the last moments of summer. slipping away. i feel it.
kendra 9w ago
playing with the idea of never leaving the beach. until i *actually* have to leave, you know.
kendra 29w ago
así de feliz me sentí todo este día de magia xo @_landra_
kendra 37w ago
mom, so good at catching me right before i'm ready