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jlupes 1d ago
Best friends are the best friends❤️
Thank you @thattypeofgirl for being the sweetest ever 🖤
#knowsmesowell #karllagerfieldmakesmehappy
#fuckyou 🙋
jlupes 4d ago
#Ajilon doing its part to help!
So proud of my team!
DONATE BLOOD 💉🌡💉 *note* if you are recently tattooed or underweight you will not be allowed to do your part in helping those in need & you will be left feeling like a real piece of garbage who has zero purpose on this earth & deemed not good enough to help 😩
jlupes 2w ago
This kooky Boomerang craze that the kids are doin will never make sense to me... but this gift from @thattypeofgirl got me good.
#buttafingas 🍎#coolnotcool #SKILLfadays

@meangator @pinkgreengiraffe
jlupes 3w ago
I'm not sure if your friends rule, if not, that sucks, cuz mine do!!!
Thank you @bukadead for remembering how much I love #howardtheduck ❤️❤️❤️ He surrendered his childhood treasures for my educational development. #whatsabook?!
jlupes 3w ago
@stefaniyeah captured amazing photos of our bud at last night's show. Absolutely amazing all around 👏🏽
@vinniecaruana (happy almost birthday buddy❤️) @brandonreilly

jlupes 4w ago
Not to brag, but I'm really proud of this wedding cake I made for my dear friends @uni_coryn @d_jacobs_ #heymrsdj
jlupes 8w ago
I have no clue how I'm supposed to go back to NY next week & work all day in a cubicle after tasting this freedom.
jlupes 16w ago
1st the beerpong table with ladies' bare butts on it, and now this absurdity. I'm pissing off the neighborhood real real hard this summer. #idontswiminyourtoiletsodontpeeinmypool
jlupes 19w ago
Find out what happens when people stop being polite & start getting real......
The Real World CONEY ISLAND!!! #therealworld #coneyisland #thunderbolt #tworidesthenadrink
jlupes 21w ago
I know an Instagram post is about as base level as one can get on the support scale... but targeting children has brought a new level of terror to these attacks. Its important to show #manchester that we're #united behind them ❤️