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mtv 267w ago
#VMA performer 2 Chainz being interviewed by @RealSway after his secret rehearsal! #VMAat8

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mtv 8m ago
We love when our parents have date night 💘 | 🔁 @bigsean
mtv 1h ago
*folds hands* It has come to my attention that last night @iamcardib, in fact, did that. 💋 #wcw
mtv 3h ago
You ever yell "COLLAB!" in such a high pitched tone that the windows crack? 👀 | 🔁 @liampayne
mtv 4h ago
HBD to the leader of our pack, @tylerposey58! 💞🐺
mtv 6h ago
If Justin is having a good day, then ya know what ME TOO. ☀ | 🔁 @justinbieber
mtv 8h ago
Happy Wednesday, glad you could be here. 🌻 Here’s what you #NeedToKnow on 10/18 about Jennifer Lawrence, @ddlovato, and @fifthharmony. Get the full details and more at 🌿
mtv 17h ago
GUESS WHAT this angel ✨Billie Eilish✨ (aka @wherearetheavocados bc like yeah where ARE the avocados) is gonna be on @trl tomorrow see ya there! 🥑
mtv 19h ago
I think about how good @kyliejenner's @xtina Halloween costume was at least once a week. AT LEAST. 🎃
mtv 20h ago
Pop quiz: @lizakoshy is A.) conquering the world B.) a boss C.) both A & B, duh. 💪 | #BeatsX #BuiltForBosses
mtv 21h ago
LOOK WHO CAME TO PLAY TODAY!! ❤️ Everyone say hi to my bffs @fifthharmony ✨💘
mtv 22h ago
🔥💥 Happy birthday @eminem! 🔥💥
mtv 1d ago
Trying to balance work, school, a social life, drinking enough water, and finding a Halloween costume. 🙃 | Don't miss a new ep of #TheChallengeXXX tonight at 10/9c!
mtv 1d ago
Wishing you a speedy recovery for yr broken arm, @teddysphotos✨ | 🎨: @hoiyanshing
mtv 1d ago
The wall is a flawless skincare routine. 🎀 | 🔁 @nickiminaj
mtv 1d ago
A legend in the '90s, a legend now. ❤️ @mariahcarey | For all things '90s, don't miss #90sHouse tonight at 11/10c! 💫
mtv 1d ago
GOOD MORNING pls allow the voice of an angel to serenade you 💘 | 🔁 @shawnmendes
mtv 1d ago
WAKE UP CLASS IS IN SESSION. 📓 JK buttttttttttt here’s what you #NeedToKnow on 10/17 about @siamusic, @maddieziegler, the cast of 'Professor Marston,' and @harrystyles! Get the full details and more at 🌈
mtv 1d ago
ATTN: @iamhalsey, @g_eazy has something to confess. 😘 | 👻: mtv
mtv 1d ago
Oh hiiiiii @skaijackson 💜 Thanks for coming to play on @trl today! xoxoxo
mtv 1d ago
Happy 40th to the person who takes up 75% of my Twitter likes, @johnmayer 🎉