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  Posted: Sep 4, 2012 6:48 PM
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Today's garden haul! Snacks for school tomorrow! (Minus the jalapeños!)

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User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 19, 2017 7:55 PM (UTC)
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It’s such a shame she’s not having any fun! 😉🙌🏻💕 #MckennaRaeM
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 9, 2017 1:05 AM (UTC)
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Talking all about how we welcomed our new puppy, Abbey, into our home. And some of us (me! 🙋🏻) didn’t welcome her so willingly... full story #ontheblog! #DogsAreMore #IC #ad
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 6, 2017 2:05 PM (UTC)
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Taking photos of a mobile baby is a workout, am I right mamas? I always end our photo sesh sweating and hoping I got at least 1 or 2 good photos! It’s not always easy, but I’m sharing a few tips and tricks to taking photos of babies— especially mobile ones! @gerberchildrenswear #ad
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 6, 2017 3:56 AM (UTC)
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Mckenna’s 1st birthday is also a BIG milestone for our breastfeeding journey. Technically, our nursing journey came to an end 2 weeks ago. She became disinterested in her bedtime nursing session, so we stopped and then about 5 days later she became disinterested in her morning nursing session. She was nursing less and less and it was just a perfectly natural transition and I wasn’t going to force anything. She continued to receive breast milk from a bottle at home and daycare and we also started giving her cows milk early to get her used to it. I’m SO thankful that I was an obsessive pumper and produced LOTS in the beginning because now, even though she’s 1 year old, we still have 341oz in the freezer and she will continue to receive breast milk in addition to cows milk until our freezer stash is gone! 🙌🏻 So, technically we didn’t breastfeed for 1 year, but the fact that she’ll continue to receive “mamas milk” for another couple of months and the fact that she was exclusively breast milk fed for 1 year just makes my heart SO very happy! 🙌🏻🐮 WE DID IT!!! (In my opinion!) 🎉💕
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 4, 2017 10:00 PM (UTC)
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I’d say her 1st birthday party was a success! 🙌🏻🍰 #MckennaRaeM
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 3, 2017 2:54 PM (UTC)
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I swear she didn’t look quite this big when I put her to bed last night! Happy Birthday Mckenna Rae! Just look at that silly smile— it’s clear you bring so much joy to our family! 💕🎉🎈
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 3, 2017 2:33 AM (UTC)
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Oh my sweet little Kenna Rae. I can hardly believe that when we wake-up in the morning you will be 1 year old. We wished so hard and prayed so hard for you for so, so long. I’m still just amazed that you’re here! You were most certainly worth the wait and I feel so blessed to be your mama! 💕 #MckennaRaeM #BabiesDontKeep
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Nov 1, 2017 2:01 AM (UTC)
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Sharing my fall cleaning check list today on the blog along side a few of my favorite products including @theduckbrand @thescrubdaddy @mollys_suds, @ocedarclean and @power.oe! #FallCleaningBBoxx #sp
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 30, 2017 12:24 PM (UTC)
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Anyone else’s child beg for their vitamins everyday? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 I know mine does! Maybe it’s because they’re so darn good! Check out todays post for how we plan to stay healthy this winter! 🤞🏼 @naturemadevitamins #naturemadefamily ad
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 29, 2017 7:16 PM (UTC)
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I’m so glad at least one of my kids isn’t picky! Roasted sweet potatoes and delicata squash with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries for a late lunch! #babyfoodie
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 28, 2017 9:38 PM (UTC)
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Did I really just become •that girl• with the complicated coffee order? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yes, yes I did. This is what happens when you don’t want dairy, you’d prefer low sugar but you still wanna #TreatYoSelf, ya know? All I gotta say is, #WorthIt! 🍂🍁💁🏻
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 26, 2017 9:00 PM (UTC)
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Finally grabbed our carving pumpkins for the year with these two cute pumpkins of mine! 😍🎃 (And no way did we buy one of these giant pumpkins pictured here! 😅😂) So excited for Kenna’s first Halloween and her last first holiday! 💕
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 22, 2017 2:39 PM (UTC)
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There’s literally no better breakfast! 🙌🏻🍳🍠 #Whole30 #whole30alumni
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 17, 2017 6:24 PM (UTC)
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It’s totally normal to be on the verge of tears everyday until your baby turns one, right? Asking for a friend... 😭😭😭
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 16, 2017 8:28 PM (UTC)
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Fall, please stay as long as you want. 💕🍁🍂
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 15, 2017 7:22 PM (UTC)
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That one time my husband bought a puppy against my will + she turned out to be the sweetest puppy ever. (He’s still in the dog house though!) Meet Abbey! #germanshorthairedpointer #puppiesofinstagram
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 12, 2017 1:16 AM (UTC)
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This crazy pup is the reason I have to vacuum on the daily (but that rarely happens) but he’s our sweet runt of the litter and he’s such great addition to our family! Check out Bentley’s story #OnTheBlog #DogsAreMore #ad #IC
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 8, 2017 9:18 PM (UTC)
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When you check yourself out in the mirror before a workout and you’re kinda feelin’ your reflection. 💪🏼👊🏼💕#HardWorkPaysOff #SelfConfidence #GetItGirl #DirtyMirror
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 8, 2017 7:48 PM (UTC)
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After finishing the Whole30 two weeks ago, I’ve actually eaten pretty #Whole30 with the exception of a few reintroduction days where I tried one thing, but just didn’t feel good about eating non-compliant foods. It seems silly to go back to eating crap when I feel SO GOOD eating this way. My body looks and feels better, I sleep better at night (when Mckenna lets me) and my skin is clearer! I’m probably (definitely) starting to drive my husband crazy, but I just can’t stop! It feels so good to focus on myself and my nutrition. 👊🏼 Now I just gotta get back in the exercise game! 💪🏼💪🏼 #MyBodyMyTemple #whole30alumni #cleaneating #mealplanning #paleolifestyle
User Image sunnysprinkle Posted: Oct 6, 2017 2:12 AM (UTC)
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Can we just talk about that cute little binky grin? I just can't get enough! 😍😘 And we can't get enough of the @gerberchildrenswear line at Walmart, either! So many cute pieces, so little time! #ad