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hecktik 13h ago
This Saturday. The First indoor Ninja Throwing venue in california will be on display at the Fulton Opening. Curated by @samfromftk with a limited release Rice Beer by @tiogasequoia and food court brought to you by @vendorvillage and art vision by @ada22m.. don't miss out.
Today I'll be in Visalia djing for the great @fashawn at the Tastemakers Festival. Hope to see all my south valley family out there. Going to be an awesome event. Don't miss out. Tickets still available at the door. #tastemakersfestival
Happy Birthday to my beautiful and amazing mom. Our family Matriarch who made sure everyone whether her child or not was ok and put before her. Love you mom. You're the best.
Enjoying the beautiful sunset with my parents at the Emerzian / Melikian Wedding.
Awesome 40 for $40 sale to Tastemakers Festival October 14th. You get a ticket to festival, 40oz TS Bottle and a 40oz TS shirt. Limited amount so go to and get yours now.
Had an awesome time today speaking to students at Gateway High School for their career day talking about Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Promotions and life. Thank you @coachpetesaidso for having me.
Today needs to end. Glad I was able to catch one of his last shows ever. RIP Tom. Thank you for the art you left with us.
As a music festival promoter myself and someone who had dear close friends at this festival my heart is hurting right now. This world is full of so much anger and hate. We need God more than ever right now. I pray for everyone who was there, witnessed this, got a call from a loved one during this, who lives there, who is a human, everyone. This is a tough one to wake up to.. 😰😰😰
Happy Birthday to one and only @aaron_vernal_gomes. This guy does more in a day than most do in a week. From his work as an educator, to running sound n vision and producing 3-4 shows a week, to taking time to always be there for his family, to being an artist himself and to taking a chance with me and making Grizzly Fest what it is and battling these agents and naysayers daily. Enjoy your day Aaron. You deserve it. Cheers to another amazing year. 🍻
Today is the day. The mad genius @samfromftk teamed up with @tiogasequoia to release the first ever craft malt liquor 40oz beer. They only made 150 of these so make sure you get there early to get one. There's a full concert, food trucks and more to celebrate this historic event. Don't miss out and see you all there.
RIP to the Hef.. Lived a life only people can dream of. #Icon
My brother @djkayrich and @kimberlykjm are putting together a water drive to hydrate the homeless. If you can donate a case of water and drop it off at any of these locations that would be amazing. Spread the word and every little bit helps.
May 19th 2018. The biggest party in the valley is back!!! Ticket and lineup information coming soon. #grizzlyfest
This Friday. Come out and enjoy the first ever Craft Malt Liquor 40z brought to you by @samfromftk and the good folks at @tiogasequoia. There will be live performances, the art of the 40 art show, food trucks and more. See you at Tioga Sequoia.
Happy Birthday to one of the best MC's ever @nas . Crazy I went from listening to Illmatic in 7th grade to now seeing my artist celebrate your born day with you and your loved ones. Salute to you and the whole @massappealrecs family.
Thank you to everyone who came out to @Fashawn #IMPROUD event brought to you by @massappealrecs. Thank you to @spiribolt for the photography work. #Armenian
Ok so ever since I first watched a Bronx Tale as a kid I told myself I would use the "Door Test" on every girl and the one that passes the test I'll consider marrying. Let's just say when people ask me why I'm not married this is the reason why. None have passed the door test. #itsthelittlethings
Proud of the team!!!! Grizzly Fest 2018 info coming soon!!!!