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  Posted: Sep 4, 2012 11:13 AM FEED
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.@SavannahGuthrie interviews @elizabethforma, democrat running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. #DNC2012 #NBCPolitics
  • Yay for the today show!!!

  • Go Elizabeth!

  • YEAH. This is the convention to be at. Plus it will be nice to finally see some variety and diversity in the audience. Unlike the white seas in the RNC.

  • Love her

  • Savannah is a cutie.

  • Democrats

  • Savannah knows her stuff

  • Savannah always looks great in purple.

  • Romney! 🇺🇸

  • @jcmorris12 lmao ur a joke just like Romney 😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜


  • Recession* .... Exactly.

  • linisv 5y ago

    LETS GO ROMNEY!!!!!!!! 😜


  • LETS GO OBAMA!!!!!!!


  • OBAMA! Romney can kick rocks with his hitler statements.

  • We gave bush 8 years to further screw up the country. Let's give Barack an 8 year opportunity to put a significant dent in the screw up!!! #obama2012

  • chuswo 5y ago

    Romney / Ryan FTW!!!!

  • So true doc!

  • Racism should be over, but Romney makes racist statements waaaayyy too much!! Pay attention!!! Obama!!!! Rome wasn't built in a day!!! Stay on course... Obama 2012!!!!!!

  • If Romney is making racist comments before he has power to influence lives what do you think he will do with the power? And if his race comments cheer you on......? You suspect also.

  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Romney!!!!!!

  • God Bless !!!! Obama 2012

  • I rather have someone who make a racist comment then have a president who is friends who support anti America n extremist! Go read a book n then sit here n judge Romney you know how many democrats are voting republic just shows there's something wrong n someone like him n come n help turn it around... No need to comment back just an opinion because you know how many racist things our past presidents n current president has said but because one man who's running says something..... It's wrong let's look at the bigger picture not the name calling

  • I am just tired of all the hate.

  • Who cares about politics when we should talk about those legs on Ms. Guthrie!

  • Boy are you in for a rude awakening, IF Mitt is appointed President! You condone racial remarks, wow!

  • brab77 5y ago

    @BJones2319 I agree

  • dmv722 5y ago

    I'm a woman, a mother and a Mexican American, Navy wife, I haveGay family members and family members that were victims of Rape. There is just NO excuse for racial comments, ignorant comments or judgmental hate filled family, friends and neighbors have fought to get what little rights we all have I am NOT risking it...any one with a shred of humanity shouldn't either.

  • bdm6_ 5y ago

    Demacrats suck

  • Obama❤❤❤❤❤

  • You can't even spell Democrat you

  • @alexxxiess if someone is making such racist comments and you condone it-and them for president, then you're no better then that pig as well. Secondly Romney is for the RICH and well off.. If you're not wiping your ass with $20 bills I suggest you do some research on the candidates.. A lot of republicans vote against their on interest and can't truly come up with LOGICAL reason as to why they do..but then again I'm looking at the source that I'm addressing and I shouldn't expect anything less...SMH

  • go romney

  • Go Romney Go!!

  • Go Obama

  • Go Romney/Ryan!

  • GO Obama! Excuse me but I personally find it very in tasteful to put your comment here you Republicans, Let us respect each other's choice , go to where the Republican's are posting and join them, just sayin at least have some class!

  • Dern auto correct...untasteful

  • Or has 'class' been thrown away!?

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