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lizelayne 267w ago
finally made prayer flags for myself (only took five years...). love them.

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Can a pen actually help you tell another layer of your stories? Well, perhaps it isn't the pen. Though I do love it.* I think instead, it's the act of committing to writing without stopping, letting the words tumble into a pile that somehow becomes a prayer on a page.
I'm having so much fun gathering prompts and tips and inspiration for Tell It: Collage. We start in just a few weeks.
*pen from local art store only info I have is Kuretake Fudegokochi
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Loving this unique, beautiful book so far. Can't wait to see where it takes me.
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How's it going over there? Tell me something about you.
This month's theme is "yes" and we're exploring the ways we can find and listen to that deep YES inside us. Can you see what those little cards are? A mini prompt deck!! It comes with this month's Talisman of the Month Club box. So excited to dive into this practice.
PS The TOTM single boxes and 3-month subscription (for the remaining three months of the year) are at a new lower price. Also, you can use code OCTOBERSOUL to take 15 percent off everything else in the shop (except TOTM boxes). The code also works for sale items.
One of the unexpected but perhaps obvious side effects of deciding to put Tell It: Collage out into the world is the dance with vulnerability I'm doing as I share the journaling I've been doing for the past few years. It's a dance I'm grateful to step into even as it pushes me because I know how sharing creates conversations that connect us.
This course isn't a how to art journal course. There are other incredible courses and books and teachers out there for that. Instead, this course is about simple powerful ways to tell your story using a journal and some collage. It's about getting the swirling thoughts and feelings out of you and onto the page so you can feel lighter. It's about showing up and letting your creativity guide you for a while. It's about showing up for yourself so you can show up for others from a grounded place.
If you already have a mixed-media or art journaling practice, you will have fun putting your own spin on the prompts and ideas and connecting with like-minded souls. If you haven't played in a journal in years or ever, you'll be given some accessible places to begin and maintain a creative self-care journaling practice while meeting up with kindred spirits who understand the beauty that comes from sharing our stories.
Link in profile for more info. ❤️
When I pause and listen, the truth rises up. Try it. In the quiet. Five deep breaths. Then five more. (Do you hear it?) Attention becomes the practice again and again.
Sage bundle from the magical @jennette.nielsen. Photo by the delightful @stacygendreau.
Took myself on a little date to @artistcraftsman_tacoma to find some goodies to play with in my new Tell It: Collage course. 11 pens + some journals + one kraft paper notepad + one zippered pouch later, I'm back home working and playing and feeling rooted in gratitude.
"A seed already carrying all the essentials..." :: A peek into one of my collage journals. This is an example where just simple magazine clippings pasted in one day became prompts on another that helped me get right to the guts of it. :: Sharing more peeks in my IG story today.
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We're trying a food delivery service. Three meals a week. Trying for three weeks to see what we think. Attempting to make life easier around here in the evening + less takeout + trying new things. First week was mostly a success. Truth is making this meal was a bit more stressful than I expected (we had to buy new chicken as ours was spoiled on arrival, which meant takeout on the night we'd planned to make this) but the end result was good when I made it tonight. (Will keep you posted if we recommend them.)
Much needed trip to the creek today.
To go forth. (Yes.)
From Fortune Favors the Brave by @lisacongdon.
Best night in the big city with @allihanson listening to and getting to meet @lisacongdon. Also, so rad to listen to Lisa and @glutenfreegirl talk about the real stuff.
Studio helper today which means company breakfast at Top Pot!
On the surface it might look like chaos. But in reality it's the way I'm keeping myself tethered to what I know, what I need. :: I can't wait to lead a group of kindreds through creating their own creative self-care practice with collage and journaling. Join me for Tell It: Collage. We start in just a few weeks. More info at the link in profile.
The goodness that is an afternoon snack of an apple and peanut butter. #becausethisisselfcare #yestothismoment
My house is a crazy mess right now. But there is this light and this corner. And there is this breath and this choice. Yes.
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The part where this day ended with a mama + EJ sing-along of a few of our favorite Hamilton tunes was pretty darn awesome. (I wish I could have taken a picture of her eyes when she realized all the words to all the songs are in this book. Pure joy.)
I'm going to stumble through these words. And I'm going to keep going. It's so clear that I have (we have) so much to learn from the women who came before us, especially the women of color who have been fighting and leading the way for decades. Part of being in the resistance and being aware and actually practicing what we say we're fighting for is learning and listening and recognizing and shining a light on those who just flat out know more than you about this fight.
I keep seeing the phrase "love and light must be paired with truth and justice." Yes, this. And "those in positions of leadership must be held accountable" and "accountability is love." Yes, this.
A few things to reflect on: 1) Google is your friend. Notice when you could use it instead of asking others to explain terms like privilege. 2) Bring more black and brown voices into your world. Follow people of color on social media. Support their work in the world. Read. Read. Read. (Google for reading lists.) 3) Get curious. Example: I had seen quotes from Audre Lorde for years. Deeply moved and inspired by her. Never researching more about her. A few years ago, I did and a whole other layer of understanding hit me. Realizing that while I could be deeply inspired by her and deeply moved by her on an entirely new level after reading and learning more, her words were not written for someone with my privilege. And that is more than okay. (Also, read more by her. Sit down and learn.) 4) Get even more curious. If me bringing this up makes you uncomfortable, sit with that. And then try to move from a place of curiosity. (Move just autocorrected to Love. That too.) 5) Look up. Be brave and kind. Reflect on how nice and kind aren't the same thing. 6) And this: That feeling you have deep inside you that you want to be deeply seen for who you are? Most people feel that in some way every single day. Everyone deserves to tell their story and to have their story be held.
Thanks for reading and being beside me. I don't have answers and I can't be quiet. This is The And Space. So I'm showing up in it anyway.