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Thinking about all of the experiences we’ve had together and how I much I love spending that time with my best friend. I love you @jkv_21913
Bee’s Knees | Lavender Bitters, Honey, Lemon, Iced Gondo Kenya by Augies #Augies #Coffee
I love this woman! She threw a little surprise party and hooked it up with some delicious cake from the #frenchbakery She's always looking to make me feel loved! She knows the way into my heart. #pokemon #AmeniFoundItAtChurch! #candycoatedrain
@portagebaycafe my wife says your name this way. Btw, keep up the good work. You are the most consistent brunch spot in all of Seattle.
I continue to be amazed everyday at how much more I can love my wife. She's my best friend forever and all eternidad. It's an amazing feeling to love and be loved by someone this much. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know this Love isn't easy to come by and I'm so grateful that God Blessed me with someone so supportive, strong, sincere, intelligent, loving, and drop dead gorgeous. I grew up thinking that it wouldn't be possible to find someone that amazing. Jodie is how I know God is real. #SuperCrush on my wife!