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“Mama look I made Cameron sit next to me. Take our picture! Cheese!” #zacharygram #cameronfairbanks #thefairbanksbros
Congratulations @laurenhollister and Jason! What a beautiful wedding with amazing people. I truly married into such a great family. 💍🥂 So happy for these two!
Wedding best with my love. Favorite excuse for a date night! ❤️
Friday night hikes. 📸 cred goes to my oldest boy child. "Mama go stand by those fire red trees and I'll take a picture of you and Cameron." 🍁🍁🍁 #4yearoldphotographer #hikingadventures #cameronfairbanks #beutahful #hikeutah #momswhohike #ergobaby
I don't think he quite gets this bow and arrow thing... 🏹 #cameronfairbanks
Today's lunch break adventure with @tiecen involved a 500 ft climb, a stroll around the water, and sinking into the mud. Nature's gym is my favorite. 🍁#beutahful #hikeutah #azoresadventure #contest @travelzoo @azoresgetaways
You guys, my wanderlust is so bad! I desperately need to go all. the. places. RIGHT NOW. This is from my favorite day in Ireland on the Dingle Peninsula just north of the Ring of Kerry. I mean, it's named Dingle. How could you NOT like it? Especially when it looks like this. ✈️ #wanderlust #ireland #azoresadventure #contest @travelzoo @azoresgetaways
Went up for a photoshoot of @catherinemeaghan's family with my little assistants. 📷🌲 There was mud and snow and blood and blowouts 💩 but we all made it out alive (and hopefully with some nice shots). #zacharygram #cameronfairbanks #thefairbanksfam #thebloodandshitshow
Zach's leaf collection from our hike. The colors are out of control this year! 🍁🍂 #fallfoliage #fallleaves #utah
Poor Cameron has a little fever so rather than do the longer hike I wanted we found him some fresh air, TLC and went chasing waterfalls. See what I did there? Okay anyways... #hikingwithkids #beutahful #azoresadventure #contest @azoresgetaways @travelzoo
Zach filled up his sticker chart tonight so he earned his "special surprise," a brand new comforter. I bought it awhile back at Target 🎯 (thank you post back-to-school dorm room clearance) so I was going to give it to him anyway, but he was soooo excited that he earned it! So I got a good deal, clean room, instilled a sense of accomplishment, and have a boy happy about bed time in one swoop. I'm calling this a #momwin! #zacharygram
The hardest part about having a one-year-old so far is the Timehop photos. They're killing me with cutenesss! #cameronfairbanks #tbt #oneweekold
C H A M P I O N S of participation! When they weren't hitting each other they were hitting the ball. Nice job, boys. ⚾️ 🏆 #zacharygram #liamkaldahl #adventuresofzachandliam
Lunch break hike. 🍂⛰Because days like this should not be wasted when you live somewhere this beautiful. #nofilter #beutahful #utah #girlswhohikeutah #girlswhohike