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  Posted: Sep 3, 2012 10:15 PM FEED
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I thought the leather suit was the last one... I was wrong. Couldn't pass Bumblebee! Lol!

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@Enstrumental + #blkcreatives Present

The Miseducation of Solution(s): A Healthy Debate With Jill Is Black & Lupe Fiasco

In The Miseducation of The Negroby Carter G. Woodson in 1933, he outlined the facts for the need of the people to develop the power of execution and action to deal with the fundamental matters of education, religion, literature, philosophy, etc.

Inspired by this phraseology, in 1998, Lauryn Hill released The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, in which she used her creativity and musical platform to dispel the notion and reaction to faulty guidance and direction, to further dive into the themes of liberation, community and popular culture.

On October 19, 2017 in Chicago, Enstrumental and #blkcreatives will present an in-person live experience for a generation who prefers solutions over symbolism, and the use of our talents and mental fortitude to consistently uplift our imagination, our art, and our history, for meaningful change.

The Miseducation of Solution(s) is an interactive discussion with two of the most prolific, profound, passionate, and principal proponents of the collective elevation of the culture. Think TED Talks meets a presidential debate meets Def Poetry Jam. Come prepared to engage with like-minded, mission-driven, and motivated individuals, and walk away with practical and tangible objectives for the world we all want and deserve to live in.
Dear Chicago:

Last night you were amazingly beautiful!!! The energy you gave me... The vibe you shared... The hospitality you showed my @artbeatsandlyrics family!

I hope I always make you as proud as you make me happy... Thank you for an amazing Friday the 13th!

#CHIABL #ABLCHI #ArtBeatsLyrics #SupportArt #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs #BuyArtNotDrugs #ArtIsInEverything #Chicago #ChicagoOverEverything #ChooseChicago @dresthabeatnik @djwallysparks @jeremyavalon @werc_crew @iamjameslewis @ricspice @jabarig @dubelyoo @katgoduco @lourdesukari @xavierblk
ATL... You on deck... Next Friday @artbeatsandlyrics is back where it all started... You see the venue for this year? I know it's gone be NUTS!!! Celebrate irresponsibly!!! #ATLABL #ArtIsInEverything #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs. #SupportArt #BuyArtNotDrugs
Chicago... You had a year to prepare... If you missed out on last year's festivities you had a year to fix ya face... Tonight... The incomparable @401morganmfg will play host to @artbeatsandlyrics for the second year... Beautiful people, cool vibes, cold drinks, dope music and some of the most stunning works of art you've ever laid eyes on from local and national artists! Plus a special guest performance from @therealtrillionaires

@jabarig @dubelyoo y'all are genius!
@katgoduco can't wait to see ya face!
@dresthabeatnik please do what you do best and rip the roof off that heaux tonight!
@djwallysparks tonight my only request is that you never take your foot off the pedal!
@werc_crew you already know the drill

#CHIABL #ArtBeatsLyrics #ABL #ABLCHI #ArtIsInEverything #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs #SupportArt #BuyArtNotDrugs #ChooseChicago #ChicagoOverEverything #Chicago
2wks from now the good people of Chicago will experience what ATLiens have known for years... If you missed @artbeatsandlyrics last year and still haven't RSVP'd for this year congratulations... You played yourself... And @djkhaled said to never do that...

#CHIABL #ABLCHI #ABL #ArtBeatsLyrics #artbeatsandlyrics #ArtIsInEverything #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs #SupportArt #BuyArtNotDrugs #ChooseChicago #Chicago
Last year @artbeatsandlyrics invaded Chicago for the first time and set the city on 🔥

October 13th the world's dopest traveling art show returns to the City of Wind hosted by my man 50 grand @dresthabeatnik with the evening's soundtrack provided by @djwallysparks & @werc_crew
I can't wait to see who's the guest performer this year! Did you RSVP already or nah?

#ABLCHI #CHIABL #ArtBeatsLyrics #artbeatsandlyrics #ArtIsInEverything #BuyArtNotDrugs #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs #SupportArt @diegoross @biancapastel @bbreaux @regularolty @viclloyd @sabapivot @joeypurps @vicmensa @chancetherapper @taylorbennett @nonamehiding @theegilkey @enstrumental @davejeff @muffycollins @pugsatomz @joekollege @joefreshgoods @dreball25 @jacksloves2run @j__esquire @urbanmenta @jcrivera
Art Beats +Lyrics is a traveling urban art and music exhibition founded by Cult Creative.

AB+L started as a local art show in Atlanta and has grown to support visionary artists and musician who values of authenticity, creativity, and individuality.

These amazing creators are at the core of AB+L's mission to create a unique art experiences that help move the culture forward. Art, Beats + Lyrics is proud to have showcased hundred of visual artists from across the U.S. and feature acts like Snarky Puppy, Teddy Riley, Mansions On The Moon, Kendrick Lamar, and Shock-G. .

The driving force behind AB+L it's the curating. The show is designed so that audience can interacts within this ‘space’ and ultimately leave feeling inspired.

We invite you to join us in moving  culture forward.

#ArtIsInEverything #SupportArt #BuyArtNotDrugs #CHIABL #ABLCHI
Ok class, for today's reading assignment we're going to read the US Code aka Anthem Etiquette 101

When you're done please see my commentary below and turn in your ten page report on what it means to be a patriot by Friday 9/29 ok?

The operative word in the entire text is "should"

Should is defined as follows:

used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone's actions.
"he should have been careful"
used to indicate what is probable.
"$348 million should be enough to buy him out"
That time a couple #ChicagoKids descended on the sCrubs playground and one of 'em just had to be so Southside CHI with the nod to @whitesox colors... I like that dude... He funny

#GoodGuysWearBlack #aFAexclusive #adidasFieldAgent #ChicagoOverEverything
My people at @villa_87th got camo flavor for days family!!! Don't worry, there's an APB out on Tiro soccer pants but you can still pull up and get fitted for homecoming though... #Villa @ruvilla #ChicagoKids #ChicagoOverEverything #aFAexclusive @archrival_agency #3Stripes2Soles1Love @adidasoriginals #adidas #adidasFieldAgent
@muralsinthemarket presented by @1xrun @inner_state is now underway through next Thursday the 28th at @easternmarket in The D!!! I had an amazing time last year met the amazing "Grandma Techno" @patricialaydorsey who is already on the scene reporting play by play action. I can't make it this year but you best believe I'm using PTO for this art bonanza next year... Detroit whuddup doe??? #ArtIsInEverything #MuralsInTheMarket2017 #SupportArt #EmbraceTheArts #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs #Detroit #Motown @mahoganyjonz
One time for all my ATLiens checking @tromboneshorty at The Tab @tabernacleatl tonight should be mellow-ly dope
This exhibit at Connect Gallery by Solomon Adufah is absolutely amazing!!! The textures and mediums that's used as a canvas is unreal! "Is it possible to change a universal archetype, built on a history that has systematically adopted oppressive ideologies against nonwestern civilizations? Can individuals recreate their own understanding of various identities that are innately alien to them, rather than continuously feeding on what is already reinforced in the current hegemonic structure? It is easy to argue that yes, everyone has the freedom to reason and construct their own notions; yet, what is ultimately constructed can be jaded due to minimal diversity in accessible representations. These depictions are constantly disseminated through mass media, subtly masking and merging the fictional and the real. "This Image Is Not Available In Your Country" combats these initial judgments and reflects the diversity lost in the deceptive mainstream representation of Africa, exploring a self-referential perspective of the Black Image." #ArtIsInEverything #Art #BuyArtNotDrugs #SupportArt #InstaArt
At my 1st and last Cubs game on a work related assignment. Thanks Uncle Adi! The tripped out thing about it though is as Southside as I am, the Chicago in me still won't let me root against a Chicago loss in any shape form or fashion. But I wouldn't be heartbroken if the Mets got the dub. The way them Cubbies swangin' them bats tonight though... #chicagoovereverything #chicagokids #3stripes2soles1love #aFAexclusive