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  Posted: Sep 3, 2012 7:43 PM FEED
3 X-Pro II

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The diversity of the landscape found along the Eastern Sierras is astounding! From alkali lakes, desert roads, alpine lakes and fall color you can be sure to find eye popping landscapes around every bump and bend in the road.
When a little planning and a lot of luck come together 🌌🍂 As I set out last week to chase the fall foliage in the Eastern Sierras I wanted to somehow combine it with an Astro shot. While shooting sunrise here I realized this spot had the potential to make just that happen. I returned that evening, shot sunset and waited until it was officially night time. With only an hour of darkness before moonrise I set up two temperature adjustable LED lights using LLL (low level lighting) techniques and began working the scene. After multiple adjustments to light placement and color temp I got everything dialed in just as the moon was beginning to rise. Now I just needed a car to drive by to complete the shot 😬 Minutes seemed like hours as I waited and prayed a car would come! In the hour I'd been there only 4 cars had passed by, so the chances were slim and fading fast. As moonlight crept down the mountain I finally, just faintly, heard a car approaching and fired off a shot in the dark! If you were around Silver Lake last night and heard the echo of a hoot and holler ring through the valley....that was me nailing this shot!!
Growing up in the Central Valley I've been blessed with the opportunity to walk among these giants countless times. Though each visit still leaves me staring up in awe of these old giants!
One of my favorite places to shoot is Glacier point at night. Even better is shooting all night and then watching the sunrise! As the scene changes from dark of night to dawn it always feels like a reward for enduring the cold long nights.
It's that time of the month again! Time to go chase the Milky Way!! .
@sony a7rll
Zeiss Batis 25 f2
20 shots stacked in Starrylandscape Stacker, edited in @lightroom
This last week I ran up to my old stomping grounds in Redding and spent some time catching up with old friends, fishing the rivers and lakes and had the opportunity to shoot something a little different than landscapes. This is Gretchen, my buddie Cys dog. While he had to work during the day we would head out in search of adventures! We certainly had some great times together and made some lasting memories!
PS...don't tell my dogs about this, they have been very suspicious of me since i came home smelling like another woman hahaha!
When @dinette25 asked if I wanted to take a trek up to Temple Crag with him of course I said yes! I've seen so many pictures from this place but experiencing it in person is a must do. On another note I just want to thank whoever left the beer in the bushes for me! It sure did go down well with sunset 🍻
I loved this tree from the moment I first layed eyes on it. From up on the hillside I watched the light move through the valley for a number of hours hoping that by some miracle, last light might be cast upon it. I often daydream of what a scene might look like at sunset but rarely does it actually happen! #treeoffire #evolutionvalley