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First solo outing came out 7 years ago today. It’s got some moments for a fresh faced lad. Mellow yer moods ::: link —> bio.
Seems to be my mood all the time lately #currentmood
Even more "Good Sh*t" coming your way. Introducing WORLDS, a new project featuring myself and @blondfire. Debut single 9.1.17 Follow @worldstheband for more 💫
Yo! @antoinedilignt has joined the fam @the_rolling_people. They will be doing a limited vinyl press of "Futurisms" w/some psych-tastic artwork. Follow them for pics & more ✨
Sunset strip, 1970. Things were cooler. It's not up for debate anymore. #sunsetstrip #whiskyagogo
@antoinedilignt Show was next level @hm157 on Friday. Me and @joeseiders loved it. See you at the next one...
Song ::: Future Shocked
Buon compleanno a mio amore @cashleeen, I tell you this on this day and every other: YA WONDAFUL 🎉🎈🎂👄🥂