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My grandmother circa 1940s

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She wore a crown of spiders surrounded by a veil of despair...💀💀💀
Halloween costume crafting for my little zombie princess bride. I made a wire crown adored with plastic spider rings from Michaels. The jewels were gold-toned but I colored them red and black with sharpies.
Adding this one to the cocktail book and I gave it a name. Any #donttellmomthebabysittersdead fans? 😂🌹 #rightontopofthatrose
You're my favorite person in this world. Thank you for saying "yes" to most of my crazy schemes 💑#eightisgreat #weddinganniversay
My mister finally tracked down some rose liqueur 🌹😀. This cocktail is similar to a French 75 with more floral notes.
Shake in shaker over ice...
2 oz gin, 1 oz rose liqueur, 1 oz lemon juice. Serve Up, with 2 oz of champagne or sparkling poured on top.
cc: @parawifeerin
More spookiness over the fireplace. Full details on my live stream/up for the next 24hrs
Almost made it until October without decorating 😅🎃💀
Entering week two of territory wars. This is the slow progress. Darth Kittius tolerating Bexley (about 2 minutes) being this close in her favorite room. And then she went for the catnip scratcher and it was on! 😬😾💣💥🙈 #darthkittius #bexleyandrome
My 4 year old daughter's Halloween costume concept sketch. It's a "zombie princess bride" and I'm so excited to help her realize her vision. She wants an entire crown made of spiders and full make up with "blood tears". I mean seriously, I adore her creativity.