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  Posted: Sep 3, 2012 3:36 AM FEED
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I have a VERY special post to share on November 5th (something you’ve never seen before), make sure you “Turn on post notification” on my IG profile so you won’t miss out. For now, here is a throwback photo of me in business attire when I attended the Hospitality Conference in Sydney earlier this month. Just because my parents complained that I always post bikini photos only and they love seeing me in pants suits. So here it goes! 😂😅 (This is what happens when you get your parents on social media, they stalk you!) 😂👍🏻 Thanks @paul.gorman for the pic! 📸 #mylifestory
Posted: Oct 22, 2017 1:45 AM
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Being flexible and balanced will take us far in life! But we must make an effort to learn and master it! It’s not a gift, it’s a skill. Happy Sunday! 😍✨
Wishing you a year rich with wisdom, light and love. Happy Diwali! 💗💜💙
Thinking of where should I go next on my birthday. Any recommendation? Btw, have you watched my latest dance #yoga videos on my Insta stories? It’s only live for 24 hours so make sure you watch! 😍😄
A short trip to Hai Phong over the last weekend to celebrate my high school 97th birthday. There were so many stories about this place.
During my 10-12th grade, I always felt so embarrassed about my body. I was the shortest one in the class but my body developed faster than other girls. One of my teachers who owned a fitness studio asked me “Why your breasts are so big?” while others said “Why are you so tanned?” or “Why your lips are so thick?” (Vietnamese people have no problem telling your flaws straight to your face. That’s just our cultural thing) 😵😵😳. Anyway, those questions stuck with me until years later. I would always wear boy’s clothes to hide my big breasts and applied lot of whitening cream (which didn’t help much). Other girls would have their close group of friends when I was alone most of the time.
Cut the long story short, 15 years later, here is the girl with big breasts, thick lips, and tanned skin made a trip back to the school, couldn’t help but feel thankful for those years and comments that made me a strong woman I am today.
And if I could kiss my own boobs, I’ll do it everyday! It’s important to feel comfortable in your own skin and to love yourself regardless what people say. It’s your body, not theirs! 👍🏻🤣 🎀💗#highschool #memory #reunion
Haven’t had some vitamin sea for a while. My body is craving for it! 😅 #oceancalling #travel #travelwithCrystal #throwback
I can’t stop gushing about how much I love this place. Look what you made me do, #Sydney! 😍😍 #travel #throwback #travelwithCrystal
Always so lucky to be at some places where stress and frustration don’t exist! The only thing in my mind that time was how could I live here forever! 😂😍 #Dream #travel #travelwithCrystal
Some came here to shop, while others (me included) made a visit just to admire its Victorian Romanesque beauty @theqvb. #travel #travelwithCrystal #sydney #tbt
That’s how you sit on the edge of the handrail or wood fence, whatever you call it! 😂👍🏻 📸 @jajacacaroro #travel #travelwithCrystal #ootd #clozette
#Sunset view from the Down Under! 💛💜💖 Stunning is the right word to describe it! #Sydney #travelwithCrystal #travel
Back in Singapore, but I still have many photos from my #Sydney trip. So as usual here is a throwback breakfast situation at @hiltonsydney #travel #travelwithCrystal #beautifulhotels #hotel
Not a chocolate lover and I don’t often post #food photos, but these are just too pretty! 😍🍫🍓🍓🍓🍓 #travel #travelwithCrystal #Sydney