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  Posted: Sep 3, 2012 2:44 AM FEED
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These one of a kind babes on display, tonight only! @mociun at, ends at 8pm ✨⚡️💎🖤
I seriously love sno-balls, the kind with soft serve ice cream in the center 🍧🍦 #salssnoballs
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 12:03 AM
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Oddly, this is a very proud moment for me. Yes, that is an exact replica of the neon sign tattooed on this guys arm. He had an intense make out session outside the shop and wanted to remember it for all eternity. @merylpataky #neontattoos #ben
Huge milestone for #bebeseeger. He’s no stranger to air travel but this was our first flight without tears 🙌🏻✈️💨
Wishing I had way more than 10 fingers right now. Come visit me at, I’m hosting a trunk show with @valejewelry today, 1-6pm 🌹💎💙
Life is some crazy adventure. Happy anniversary to this guy right here who’s stuck through it all with me. And I’m a nut 🥜 #4years #40togo
Positively checking the theory of layers. Very scientific. #gold #miami 🔱
I’ve never been to a conference before. I work in fashion, we don’t do conferences, we do fashion shows and dance parties. I’ve never been in the presence of 100+ entrepreneurial #moms who are kick ass at managing a business and managing a family at the same time. I’ve never met another woman (in person) crazy enough to take on more than one business, take financial risks AND breastfeed at the same time. It feels good to @beingoodcompany. A day of listening to inspirational woman who’ve navigated success and failure, both personally and professionally, and managed to be good moms and strong role models gives me confidence in my own path. I also went ham on all the free snacks and there was no judgement 🧀🍦🍪🍩🍬 #ingoodcompany
Trying my best to make it extra weird on @shopacrimony this morning. Face your fears, be fierce, mix those prints. 🐯
What day is it? Where am I? Currently, incredibly sleep deprived and thinking back to summer in France where I slept in til 8 and felt like that was really late. #😴
Champagne and cognac for lunch. Diamonds that is 💎
Have you spent a hot sweaty Sunday with a kid that doesn't nap? Have you sat in a puddle of milk and not had a long enough shirt to cover your wet butt? Have you tried a #matcha #snowyplover? YES to all!
No wonder that smile, check that view from the swing 🌊
This is one of my favorite #momboss pics from when I could still strap #bebeseeger to my chest and tote him around while running 2 shops, 2 websites, a photo studio and another side project which I'm finally launching this year (👏🏻👏🏻). It's impossible to do it all without the guidance and inspiration of other moms who are doing it all plus more. Yes they exist! @katiehintzzambrano is one of them and she's created @beingoodcompany, a conference for creative, entrepreneurial moms to connect and share wisdom. I need more wisdom! Come with, 9/29 @ Fort Mason 👋🏻
A naked baby is a happy baby 🌈
Fielded his own ball then ran the bases. Baby's first @sfgiants game! ⚾️
"Let's take a funny one!" No one ever participates 🤔 Another one bites the dust, congrats @jen_tsao and Brian 💕