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This where I live!!! Amazing! Bonfire on the beach and good friends!

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....And we’re done! Amazing three days of HIGH END fashion and new friends! 🕴🏻
Last Night looks for the Harper’s Bazaar show.... TONIGHT is the John Varvatos Menswear show!!! 🖖🏼
No one compares to my Rex! You're the Grace to my Frankie, the Cinnabon to My Delights (😏) and the bestest friend EVER! Love your face and everyone needs a friend like you! Can't have mine tho! #getyourown
If your work team doesn't look like this then you work with the wrong people! Love everyone here so much! #minus5 #icebar #vegas
Don Draper should hire me! 🤓✌🏼#icanseenow
View from my room ain't so bad! Day 1 of the show! Today I'm at the Rio tomorrow Mandalay.. #wwin #stitch
Doesn't matter how many times I see this band (6 times in a year and half... by the way! ) they kill it every time! I had a blast last night and I really needed that after the events of the day before. Thanks for always making it worth while guys, but thanks for the specific fun last night! I really let loose... too loose 🤤🤤 even scored myself a guitar pick and tshirt! #sublimewithrome #swordbeach
My heart hurts today. I had to say goodbye to my boy yesterday. Its hard to post this but I know there are friends and family who love this cat just as much as me.
On January 14, 2001, I was in the 1st grade when this cat picked me to be his family, he came over and rubbed his little head on my leg and we took him home. He melted the hearts of everyone who ever met him, even people who hated cats made an exception for my boy. Sometimes you drove me crazy but within minutes you would do something to make me laugh. Yesterday, January 13, 2017, we took a nap, we cuddled and I got to kiss my favorite spot on your face one last time. I'm so sad to say goodbye... but I had so much fun with you. Rest now my prince. I love you.
Happy New Year from Me all the way over here in HOLLYWEED! (P.S. Someone actually "vandalized" the sign last night... I think I'm gonna like 2017)
I love my job because when I get cold I can pick from ANY jacket in the showroom haha today I chose the light pink faux fur... tomorrow I'm going with the houndstooth!