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We did some really rad fall festive family funanigan types of things today. First, a drive thru safari (cool videos in my story) with a cute little petting/feeding area after. Then a family farm/pumpkin patch mini carnival thing... the weather was perfect, we had good food and loud laughs, cuddled critters and got to take in beautiful scenery. Feeling #devonpresleyransom kicking me a bunch from inside was the icing on the cake. #holdenpatrickransom #fall #critters #zebras #texas #pumpkins #family
Really, bitch?! 👍🏼😭🤦🏽‍♀️🐺
A day off and major vegan cravings drove us to Austin and stumbled us into @citizeneatery - Larry loved his BBQ sandwich and this tofu/bell pepper/zucchini sandwich of mine doesn't look like much but it's probably the best tasting tofu "steak" I've ever had. Their homemade organic ketchup is better than any I've ever had, too! #citizeneatery #vegan #veganatx #nomnomnom
She loves to just step on, walk all over, and lay on her brother like it's nbd
Does this pregnancy make me look tired? (Because I'm exhausted!) 😐🌓🤰🏻🙆🏽🆒 (Also, don't answer, too many people take every damn word ever typed so fucking literal.)
I've never had so many "less than 5 degrees of separation" stories hit so close to home in the wake of tragedy and I've been lucky. Now I know more than half a dozen horror stories and it reminds me to be so grateful and cherish those I love, memories from past loves, but also raise my children in the same way I was raised as the cop's daughter, the one who memorized license plates and clothing and distinguishable features and height and weight and to look for exits in every place I entered and never sit facing away from the door or have my back to anything but a wall. I grew up hyper sensitive and was "weird" to other kids but it's how I was raised and unfortunately it should be the norm for any avg civilian kid these days. Every year seems to get worse and I don't anticipate it slowing down unfortunately. I've been fortunate and I'm in no way trying to make this about me, but humanizing stories from friends and family who have passed on stories of heroism, death, pain, now life-long battles due to being shot, even multiple times... it weakens me and scares me but also reminds me to start being hyper aware again. And to start teaching my son the way I was taught. Love, but be tough. Don't trust too easily and always have a back up plan for your back up plan. Fight and survive. Help when possible. ❤️
Someday, those chubby baby cheeks will thin out and he will have scratchy beard shadow or whiskers. Someday, he won't kiss me goodnight and wake up and smile the biggest smile at me because he won't live with me. Someday I won't get to find relief in listening to him talk and laugh and even snore in his sleep because he won't sleep next to me. Someday when this little man of mine belongs to someone else, I won't be the great love of his life. Being his mama has been the most beautiful and most heartbreaking experience but I wouldn't change it for anything. ❤️ #holdenpatrickransom
This anole or gecko (I dunno what it is) visits every day and the cats go nutso over it every day 😂 (swipe)
Shoutout to this guy for being an amazing Daddy (to the cats and pups too) and just all-around good dude. He takes HP to school every day after getting him ready and making his lunch (because I'm driving to work that early) and does all the laundry and most of the cleaning and even some cooking. He lets me relax and bake up Devon with little stress. And it takes a strong man to put up with my biiiiitchfest ways. ❤️ #likeasingletakendad #larryransom #stillworksfulltimeontopofitall
All our fur babies love to sleep on their backs with their legs up in the air, it's always so cute to me but also lets me know how incredibly comfortable and happy they are to have been rescued and feel part of our pack. Our loud, ever-growing, mixed animal pack of chaos. ❤️
Just a cute little series of pics of my Dad and my Son - Dad's been volunteering with the Red Cross in Houston for the last week and will be for the next week; but got to take a little time to head up to us and spend some time. Holden, like most 4 year olds, is very fickle and sometimes shy but this visit was so sweet and he couldn't stop cuddling with his Papa ❤️ They've been best buds all day!
Today's this beaut's 35th birthday and also our 30 year friendaversary! 😮🎉❤️🍩🍪🍭🍻🍼 We've been thru a shit ton in the last 3 decades and it's been such a fun ride! Love you, @dana_lenaburg 😘 #noicenodicebutyesvanillaice
Took my train obsessed dude on a 6-hour train date today and man did we have fun!! He keeps hugging and kissing me and telling me thank you and how much fun he had. It was a great day of just me and him and new places and fun strangers and snacks. 😍
So, having cystic acne to boot, then pregnancy hormones (female fetus pregnancy hormones nonetheless) on top of it all has done quite the number on my face, neck and chest. I did some research and this #vegan and #crueltyfree #maternity brand seems like a great start in helping me not feel helpless or look like a knocked-up crackhead. I hope. Just wanted to post about it in case anyone is going thru similar issues and happens upon my page. 🤞🏼✌🏼🤰🏻#pregnant #acne #cysticacne #facialcare #skin #esthetics #esthetician #hormones #novena
I was super duper sad the other day finding out I'm having a girl. Like, STUPID sad. Full adult tantrum. So lame. But it's growing on me. And I'm in love with my baby's name and feel like now that we can refer to her by name, it's more real. I'm just beyond the moon excited she's perfectly healthy and all the scary tests came back negative/normal. Thank you auntie @tigerlily403 for this! I know it's a little smeared but I love it. #devonpresleyransom