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Happy second birthday to Jolie! She is not enthused in this pic but had a fun day blowing bubbles, making snow cones and balloon animals, and eating cake. Great job by @vanessawong, @chuey613, and @jiggavic on the party!
Survived swimming from Alcatraz to SF this morning. Super fun and a beautiful day. One guy took off his prosthetic leg and swam it so I don't feel that cool. Also there was a high schooler who had already swam from Alcatraz to SF 45 times.
Hiking up to Lassen Peak this weekend. Beautiful area even with some haze from wildfires.
Had a great weekend in Santa Barbara doing the "Just for Fun" sprint triathlon. No shark attacks but we did see some dolphins! Cheers to some great tri-mates @jiggavic and @katebeach !
Silicon Valley summer Sundays: Palo Alto farmers market (bias towards heirloom tomatoes), Greek soft serve with loukoumades, and Cantor museum, Creativity on the Line exhibit and painting of Chinese guy smoking above the 扬子江
Half Moon Bay, coastal erosion scary, Fishtrap fish 'n' chips and chowder legit, very lethargic sea otter
Insalata, primo, and secondo (all by Vic!). Aperitif and dolce not pictured.
Hikin' in Zion. Got up and down Angels Landing today (terrifying).