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October 15th is #pregnancyandinfantloss awareness day. This week was the anniversary of when we lost Hadley. It's been a week of remembering. I'm a little emotionally exhausted but also so grateful for everyone who has remembers with us this week.
Motherhood: Because sitting by yourself is overrated
That whole phrase about having kids being like pieces of your heart out walking in the world? True.
They are ten today. Double digits, still best friends, making me smile on our most bittersweet day of the year. #twotriplets #parkerpretends
A few years ago on my husband's birthday I decided to do a Pinterest-y photo for him instead of braving the stores with these little people. This photo sums up how our little photo shoot turned out. Tonight, six years later, we were able to celebrate his birthday with a somewhat calm dinner, gifts they picked out themselves and an evening where everyone sat upright, for most of the time anyway. #tbt
He's getting better at doing his own make up and freaking me out by turning himself into someone completely new. #thegrinch #parkerpretends
Watching this guy support his sister was one of my favorite parts of her LONG run in Annie. By the end he was working backstage as Annie's assistant, making sure her wig was perfect and her costume was always in order.
Loving everything about their fall school photos except for how old they all look 😭.
Tonight begins their last six-show run of Annie. It's been such a fun show to watch and I'm so proud of my little orphan. Who knew my nervous little girl would thrive on the stage?
His brother asked for a flying rig for his birthday so we're just going to keep setting up flying scenes in hopes of satisfying his creative urge to fly in our basement 😬. #parkerpretends
Major score in the costume department today. After he cleaned out half of a resale shop his Papa showed up with a crystal ball. If he didn't have a musical to see tonight he'd never leave his costume pile. 🔮#parkerpretends
This is the boy mom stuff I thought about in the hospital after we found out about this little guy. I have no idea what we're talking about but I admire his commitment to drawing however many football logos he can find while trying in vain to explain to me how he can keep his eyeballs open long enough to watch the games on tv.
Anyone else singing their heart out to Spongebob the Musical every morning before starting their school work? I don't even need coffee thanks to @spongebobbway . 🎤🎶🎶🎧 #parkerpretends
When your farm girl is getting "too cool" for the park and you stumble upon a farm-themed park... #winning
I love this photographer and not just because she doesn't boot me out of the session when I take photos of her taking photos.
I've made myself crazy wondering how to help this girl read and write. Her dyslexia (with a double side of stubbornness) has thrown me for a loop but you guys, today she sat at the table and completed a totally age appropriate assignment and could not figure out why her crazy mom was taking pictures as she wrote. (Many thanks to @writeshop for creative curriculum that is working!)
When you're looking cute, you find a spot to pose and then your brother finds you...
I'm not sure about everyone else's homeschool methods but for me, I always hit a point in the day where I NEED quiet. This year I've tried to set up a quiet time for all of us. I go in my room and get some work done and they grab a book and get some reading done. One week in and just look at how well their independent quiet time is going.
I'll cheer like a crazy momma at any soccer game but the early fall ones are my favorite.