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  Posted: Sep 2, 2012 7:35 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 22, 2017 7:19 AM
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He taught me to be courageous yet humble. He taught me to accept others and help others. He also taught me to laugh. I would never be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my dad. Happy Birthday, Dad! Te amoooo 💖💖
Posted: Oct 22, 2017 4:13 AM
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Hi. Ermmmm. My name is Lady Gaga and I rule.
Fuck it dude. Live your best life. Always and forever.
Posted: Oct 19, 2017 11:09 PM
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Posted: Oct 19, 2017 9:01 PM
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Be against bullying. Learn more at GLAAD.ORG/SPIRITDAY #glaad #spiritday
Another reason I chose Rutgers is because of the amazing faculty. MaryAnn has been an incredible person in this school and in our clinic program. So many times I needed her help or had a stressful case to work on, and she was there to smile and make me laugh and help me print some damn labels or send a fax. I always think of her as my grandma-away-from-home and will miss her so much! I’m excited for her to wake up at 7am, get her newspaper, and watch the today show every morning! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Happy Retirement, MaryAnn! The law school won’t be the same without you! 💖😭
Is this supposed to be funny, @realdonaldtrump?? I see no humor when a man legitimately wants to harm the LGBTQ community. You both are vile.
Pence’s views on equal rights have long stirred concern in the LGBTQ community. As Indiana governor, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015, which essentially gave businesses the right to refuse to serve gay people. He has supported so-called gay conversion therapy and has been called “one of the most anti-LGBT politicians out there.”
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 6:46 PM
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.in the pursuit of social justice and equality.
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 2:15 AM
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I have been soooooo privileged to meet, Blair @vegeblairian. Blair, you truly deserve this award and I feel so grateful to have gotten it next to you. I wish cherish our friendship forever and I see ya collaborating on some bad ass shot in the future! I can’t believe we’ve almost known each other for three years, but you have taught me so much. You’re gonna change a lot!
More pictures from tonight’s events ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽#yay #philbrook #almostalawyer
I don’t do the work I do because I expect an award, but fuck, I feel so blessed and honored to have been honored at tonight’s award ceremony. I didn’t come to law school because I wanted to make money, but because I needed and wanted to help people. I’ve focused my work on LGBTQ and Women’s issues, especially if they are also a person of color. But this doesn’t limit where I want to go. I’m excited to continue going forward and help those in need. Tonight, I celebrate with good friends and an amazing faculty, and I promise you I will 1) never forget where I came from and 2) continue to work hard for those that are marginalized. #justyourcasualseattleite #lawyer #futurelawyer
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 9:24 PM
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.on the roll again.rock n roll again. #justyourcasualseattleite
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 4:54 PM
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Be you, it’s the best version. Happy National Coming Out Day. #nationalcomingoutday #lovetrumpshate #bornthisway