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Round of applause to @gucci for announcing that they are officially no longer using fur, starting Spring/Summer 2018! For a brand at this level to make such big changes speaks volumes, and I'm so fucking excited to see other designers follow suit! An extra big hug to all of my friends+followers who boycott purchasing fur - because as we all know, the power has always been in the people. What we choose to spend our money on directly dictates what products are produced - and bottom line is: cruelty is NEVER in fashion. ***on that note! I'm proudly wearing my new fave @katvondbeauty lipstick shade called "Hilda." This shade is from the upcoming #FarmSanctuary collection - and proceeds will benefit @farmsanctuary! 🖤 #fuckfur #vegan #crueltyfree
Dear @louisiannapurchase,
I can't thank you enough for letting me tattoo you! So grateful that you exist. 🖤
Black+grey portrait of @vampiraofficial I tattooed on @louisiannapurchase here at @highvoltagetat 🖤 [song: "hjärta" by kent]
Thank you to @valleyeyewear for letting me tattoo this portrait of your beloved pug-baby. 🖤 @highvoltagetat
Can't. Stop. Listening to @iamx 's instrumental album. My new favourite music to tattoo, draw, and drive fast to. 🖤 •song: "running point" by @iamx •lipstick: everlasting glimmer veil in "super sonic" by @katvondbeauty •harnass by @demobaza
Taking a quick break from workin' on my album w @davesitek to warm up Hank's vocals. TURN THAT SHIT UP IF YOU LIKE SMILING! 🖤 #wolvesdoitbetter #duet #itsahit
While you are sleeping, @davesitek is sprinkling a bit of synth doom on this song from my album. 🖤✨ #comingsoon #exorcism
Pre-recording warm-ups with @IAMX before making some music magick. 👯🖤 #IAMX7 #IAMX
Nothing like coming home to this greeting committee! ❤️ *my apologies for the minor blip of distraction that has been the last few months. But glad to have come to my senses now, and get back on track again w all that I've been creating and will be releasing soon: music, shoes, makeup, art, tattoos, and film project! 🖤🖤🖤
WHAT THE HELL GUYS?! This new @katvondbeauty shade of #GlimmerVeil lipstick is a unique blood-orange with a metallic golden-green sparkle. I named it: SUPER SONIC. It was supposed to be limited edition, and I just found out it SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours, and I myself, only got ONE DAMN LIPSTICK! 😩 I'm thinking now I HAVE to bring it back permanently, cuz I'm not so sure I wanna live in a world without Super Sonic in it. 😢 [song: "pluto" by bjork]
Can we talk about the haunted knife on the table though??? 🔪👻
...but seriously though, how is Nietzsche so damn cute all the time?! 🖤 #casavond
Twirly-whirly car ride at Disneyland with @spidersnakewoman and Dantae! Yesterday was the best Sunday ever! 🚗💨
When you accidentally match your homegirl @iamleah's tattoo. 🖤👯 #doubledanzig