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Hey! Stop reading and come play with me!

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Our baby turns one on Thursday but we celebrated a little early with family this weekend. HOW HAS ONE YEAR gone by????
I told Holden he's in charge of dinner. I think that means we are having the heels of a loaf of bread. Sweet. 😀
Target runs with mom are EXHAUSTING!
I have to take my snuggles where I can get them these days. 😘👶🏻❤️
Who is this little boy and WHERE DID MY BABY GO????
Fun weekend full of excitement! (First Pool, first brewery, a new haircut, lots of partying [and as such, lots of car naps 😬]) but so much fun! You're awesome so far, summer.
🇺🇸Showing his patriotism at daycare today 😀
Can I get some breakfast over here, or what?
It's Bro Tank + Jorts Season! 🌵🌴☀️🔥
It's getting harder to take pictures of him in his little outfits because he is ALWAYS on the move! But this little t shirt made me smile this morning.
Book Fair at work today so Holden is hitting the jackpot. What were your kids fave board books? (Mom and Dad might new a few new ones in the rotation these days LOL) #goodnightmoononrepeat
First time dining out in his own chair. 👌🏻
Yeeaaaah, I'm going to need you to stop looking like a little boy and stay looking like a baby, Holden! MOTHER'S ORDERS!