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stuhler 267w ago
Perfect afternoon courtesy of @rhyskearns

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Spot the landmark. The view from the unoccupied top floors of an old tower in the middle of town.
Not-so-casual Mondays. Norman Foster swings by @grndflrspc to talk Otl.
In London today? I'll be gallerina this afternoon at Otl Aicher's Isny, at @grndflrspc. The perfect way to top off a morning at Maltby St Market. #otlaicher #isnyland
This summer I wrote my first book. It's about design demigod Otl Aicher and his work for the tiny town of Isny. Thanks to everyone who came to the launch last night - link in bio if you want to, oh I don't know, buy a copy?
Two things you'll find a lot of in Wales: consonants and sheep.
The races are on in Chester today. Many women in tiny hats.
The thousand-year-old monastery in the cliffs. When you reach the top, there's a bearded priest who gives you a shot of raki.
stuhler 12w ago
We went on a modernist pilgrimage to make a book & exhibition with @dnco_ and @grndflrspc. Some glimpses of the legendary HfG Ulm. #isnyland
stuhler 13w ago
stuhler 15w ago
Flags at West Holts, Courtlen in his banana suit, happy trees, a man spewing electricity at a giant robot spider.
stuhler 17w ago
Monday studio excursions, Chloe and Katy lead the way.
stuhler 19w ago
From the bus window, approaching London Bridge on a busy weekday morning in May. The bridges here are the best, I cycle across this one every day. ❤️
stuhler 20w ago
Final moments in the gastronomic capital of Europe.