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Congratulations to your book @djwes @guerrillatacos! I remember going to check out handsome in la many years ago and being surprised and amazed at eating the tacos that were sold. Pretty cool to see this now happen.
I don't always ask to get my picture taken, but when I do, I make sure it's the man who started it all.
Caramelized milk cake - luxardo whipped cream, young almond syrup, brown butter, crunchy peanuts. Thanks for letting me use the Chinese milk @bernie.kantak .
#ingoodspirits #phxeats #phxfoodculture #ingoodspirits #eatgladlyphx #sticktoseafooddonald
Chocolate creme burlee with maple foam, and maple syrup. I've read about this dish so much I was so happy I was able to experience it. Thank you @lebernardinny for everything!

I gotta say, going to New York was a super humbling experience. It made me realize how much I need to learn and how to push myself forward. Excited to work every harder everyday.
About last night. Such a great experience. Really great company and thanks for all the hospitality and talks @missionchinesefood. Great catching up with you @jtes and Colin.
Thanks @alexstupak for making dorsia a real thing. This was badass