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  Posted: Sep 1, 2012 3:59 PM
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Admirable Virtues
  • You dont have to be a damn Christain to recieve Gods word wtf are yall parents teaching at home

  • The Bible

  • @buttahmeriri Man looks at the outward appearance , but God looks at the heart.

  • Bore off. Stop preaching

  • @afrikanchic77 ur virtures are projected by ur mannerism. ur character proven by the things u do when no one is watching. what good is it to preach it if u dont live by it? It's just alil hypocritical in my opinion

  • @_hatedonmostly_ no you don't but you have to if you wanna go to heaven, read it for yourself

  • What is the name of that app

  • @badgalriri as much as I believe in walking with god and trusting in him I also believe some need to walk with him and have a therapist depending on their issue. Some ppl are truly disturbed and need multiple things. Love u!

  • Lose reading all of these that u post👼

  • @laynov you got to be an attention whore, who will take out the time to write something negative? Not alone read it, if you don't believe in it lol

  • I can testify to that!!! Noone's perfect, but He is faithful!

  • I like butts

  • @itsme_shawnp well whenever Im ready to give my life to God Ill do that..until then Im not an in between type of person so Im not gonna go to church then smoke one when I leave Im gonna smoke one and not go to church..

  • Is it just me or does @badgalriri profile pic look like Jessica Rabbit? I love it so much lol

  • This describes my night Friday ... omg

  • I just unfollowed u x

  • laynov 5y ago

    @itsme_shawnp read about Christian alters and trauma based mind control and then have a calculated rebuttal if possible.

  • Is this a book or an app @badgalriri Im highly interested #thanks

  • @buttahmeriri isn't it hypocritical to judge someone of being a hypocrite

  • @_hatedonmostly_ everybody has their own relationship with God just cause you go to church does not mean you know God and just cause you smoke doesn't mean you don't. find God for yourself and stop listening to what "man" tells you your relationship with God should be like . Not judging just sharing

  • So true!!!

  • Wow!!! Luv it thnks for sharing @badgalriri

  • @itsme_shawnp so condemn me for having an opinion. im not judging her. Im calling as I see it. relax

  • 🙏

  • @laynov I know Exactly! what you are talking about.. I read and studied every conspiracy there is and still I'm a Christian, I looked and reviewed all arguments of Christianity, atheism, black Jews, ALL of it. It's not Christians you are talking about, it's people that claim to be Christians but defile the principles of Christianity, history state Constantine killed those that didn't convert to Christianity, but I also read Christians where being killed because they wouldn't serve other gods. What do you believe in? I'm curious

  • I love you boo 😘

  • True story

  • What book are you reading? I must grab a copy @badgalriri

  • 🙏👼👍👍👍

  • @iidolizeme - Jesus isn't God theaux… he is supposedly the son of God…

  • Your awesome

  • @iidolizeme Maybe the reason why she hasn't talked about Jesus is because maybe she's not Christian. Bob Marley talked about God and the Bible all the time but he was not Christian. I'm not in no way comparing her to him, but I'm just saying there are other beliefs that islanders believe in that reference the Bible. BTW, I'm Christian.

  • Que app é esse ?

  • Lol yes I believe that as well. Your totally right. @iidolizeme

  • What app is this?

  • I believe 100 percent

  • Give your life to God each day

  • Why everytime Rihanna put something up that inspire her mothetfuckers coming on her ig talking shit like they have no fucking life u could tell when ppl are miserable with their life God,Jesus,and the holy spirit are one being at least she believe in God while some of y'all motherfucker believe in the devil or nothing at all

  • @xoxo_ashhhlee it's app called start you day right devotional.

  • I get so annoyed when I see people online commenting in a combative, callous way about christianity, telling people what they must do to get into heaven in a crass, harsh way. Why would you want people to associate rudeness and hate with your religion? If you loved it that much wouldn't you present out with glory and peace so people see the good in it? No, they argue like children, "my religion is more peaceful than yours!" Why not just be welcoming and living instead of a cruel judgmental jerk making your religion look bad.

  • Of course Rihanna believes in God.... Her life's fucking great and she blows millions of dollars..... Who wouldn't believe in God if they were living the dream. I wonder if she Would still believe if she had nothing

  • Id just like to say if 'god' exsisted and all the bible stuff. What would give him the right to send anyone to hell? No believeing in god does no give anyone the right to punish people for eternity. If he does that then no1 should believe in him cause hes a prick. Snm

  • @jbbxo1 good point!!! Because that's when u need him most!! I wonder 2🙏

  • Wonderful... @sheyla89

  • 👏amen to that ☺

  • Totally! Until she is a broke girl we will never know how real it is haha @lovelykiea

  • @iidolizeme - I will only continue to respond, so long as we don't get caught up in ignorant banter… now with that said, you told me to check my facts… The irony in that statement is also the reason there are/is so much religious war in our collective histories… Religion is faith based… anyway FYI: I am firm believer in righteousness, not religion, I believe in God and use the power of Love to walk in his name… No Western Fuckery or Politics. #ThatIsAll

  • @thisishersong - well stated, my dear… your words are appreciated.

  • They are already dead. They r in hell. Dur. If he is loving then people would get judged by the type of person they are, not who they believe in. People have commented sayin only christians go to heaven, thats soo narrow minded. Not being christian doesnt make you a bad person

  • Cup war aw this bible shite @badgalriri

  • Awesome devotion!

  • @iidolizeme it wasn't really directed specifically at you, your comment just made me think, I'm sorry if you took offense. To me, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I don't disagree with what you said, I disagree with the harsh commanding tone in which it was given; people are easily turned off by religion because of that.

  • Praise God. Praying for you!!! God bless you!

  • LOVE this 💋 @badgalriri

  • @badgalriri, what app is this please

  • Boom!

  • Thank u for that @badgalriri

  • Who gives a fuck, if she wants to worship GOD one day and the devil the next or hell even a donkey! then let her do what she do! To each is own.She not givin a fuck bout what people think of her.

  • fuck clint eastwood

  • @escobar720 don't worry about close minded ppl smh

  • Just curious...seems like there are so many experts here. What about the bush people in Borneo? Do they all go to hell? If they don't know what the bible says or have access to instram ministers.

  • @lizzy681 Thank you! I love Joyce Meyer and the Battlefield of the Mind! #purchasing

  • Then have a gospel concert so ur fans can praise HIM instead of u

  • Read PSALM 83:18!!!!!

  • Love!!!!

  • How can i get this daily devotional on my phone?

  • Omg RiRi wer did u get that frm I have a collection of Galatian quotes an I dnt have this one this book of the Bible is wer my name came frm Galatia thats my birth name

  • It's a book called How to Start your Day Right by Joyce Meyer. 😃 She must've downloaded the book on her phone. @lolaadebisi

  • And I love it!

  • Well said

  • Which book is it ?

  • Thanks for being strong and sharing your faith with your fans. Many deny God in favor of popular culture, which is getting more Satanic by the day.. I'm glad you have chosen the side of light & truth :)

  • God loves weed

  • @buttahmeriri, I'm not condemning you, never said you will go to hell, I'm just commenting the same exact thing that you said about her.... Shoe Is on the other foot.. No harm intended

  • THIS!!

  • @badgalriri what app is this?! Love all these

  • Deep

  • @badgalriri I take it u never read your comments ? Anyway, artist ready to work #holla

  • Only if this is u riann

  • Damn I would like to hang out w you if God would allow it to manifest

  • Wah book is dat!?

  • What app/book is that? @badgalriri

  • Why you care you worship the devil anyway

  • That's my birthday!!!

  • Even the devil knows the word....remember that

  • I love youuuuuuuu

  • Where's today's devotion babe ?

  • U and drake should get together

  • Heres the thing : you say you believe in god and you seem to be so damn religious but you grab your mothereffin vagina in every video you are naked all te time ,braless. You sing about sex an how you like it rough you smoke weed(which is totally okay) and take drugs like crazy , and u tellin me you are all religious? Postin the whole damn bible up in here ! U are full of shit

  • @nikolovska you don't know more than what you hear. don't let your mouth speak what your eyes didn't see. because even the most devoted bible reader won't make it into heaven.

  • Ow i dont speak of what i heard , this is my own opinion as what ive seen her do . She did that and she made her image for herself @xoxo_kalaaa

  • If we were perfect we wouldn't need Him.

  • Being religious doesn't mean you should automatically become a none sexual or sensual person.. maybe you should only run your mouth when you actually KNOW people too... It's not admirable to be giving people you don't know grief over the internet and nothing short of hypocrisy when you're telling people off over their own morals..

  • If you are raised in highly religious family like she seems to be you should know better , not exactly raised by the bible to act all slutty. Im just expressing my opinion

  • @nikolovska it isn't your place to judge a person. Let god judge.

  • @jilleeeeann God tells us in the bible to judge fellow Christians so that we can confront and help our brothers and sisters in their walk with the Lord

  • 💗🙏

  • @detsuch & ramonbferreira Thank you!

  • What are you reading ? I would like to read it as well !

  • starting your day right by joyce meyer

  • starting your day right by joyce meyer

  • starting your day right by joyce meyer

  • @hersh_dawg @nikolovska I totally agree

  • @badgalriri eu te amo muito por favor deixe eu a te conhecer ou te dá um abraço por favor ,eu seria a pessoa mais realizado desse planeta

  • I'm all gone down to see you first picture I look at this in 2016

  • I'm all gone down to see you first picture I look at 2016 @badgalriri

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