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Had such a fun evening celebrating this special human. I love you, Fernando! Happy Birthday (a few hours early). 💕🔥😘
This beer tastes exactly like a corn tamale. Whoa. #tgif #cerveza 🌽🇲🇽#21stamendment
Leftover garlic toast from lasagna night makes a great base for egg and avocado toast! 🍳
Spent the entire evening in the kitchen ... Stress relief #lasagna #pumpkinbars
When you run out of milk before Saturday morning pancakes, you improvise. #reddiwhip #madman
I spy a baby asparagus. Gotta wait 2 more years to harvest these guys but the fronds make the best flower arrangement addition! 🌱
Nasty Nas (with a sound booth in the way) 🖤🎶