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rcunn56 267w ago
#orange #tree in the street in Ronda
  • glcfc 265w ago

    Wish I'd gone here in Spain, looks amazing

  • rcunn56 265w ago

    @glcfc yeah it was so nice! Whereabouts did you go?

  • glcfc 265w ago

    I went to fuengirola and torreblanca, so just stayed on the coast. We used to go up in the mountains when I was little, kinda miss all that a bit, Im not a great tourist :p

  • rcunn56 265w ago

    @glcfc oh right I was staying just outside Marbella so pretty close to where you were! Yeah i was with family so thats probably the only reason I went up there haha

  • glcfc 265w ago

    Ahhh I love marbs, v jealous! Yeah I guess family means doing more civilised things, it's nice to relax like that sometimes tho! :)

  • rcunn56 264w ago

    @glcfc yeah it was really good :) so you been to Spain quite a lot then?

  • glcfc 264w ago

    Almost every year for 21 years haha :/ not a good traveller. I hate flying so 3 hours is about my limit! I'm jealous of people who like planes and can go anywhere!

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rcunn56 124w ago
Oh Baxter. You're so wise, like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair