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The office Coffee Club met yesterday and sipped Starbucks Jamaica Blue Mountain. Said Assistant Editor Phoebe Wu: "The most coveted of coffees lives up to its reputation--ultra smooth, easy drinking. A mighty nice 'perk' for our afternoon!" #starbucks #coffeeclub #coffee

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After three decades of creating delicious, nutritious recipes, we've mastered the art of healthy cooking. Over the course of the next month, we'll be sharing the 30 tips we reach for most often. Here are the first 10—do you use any of them in your own kitchen? Share your best insights and advice in the comments. #thenewhealthy
Who doesn't love crispy-crunchy veggies? These cauliflower "nuggets" are zesty, bright, and lighter than you'd think! Learn the secret to perfect baked cauliflower by clicking the link in our profile, then clicking this image. 📷: @jencausey #thenewhealthy
A sprinkle of sesame seeds makes everything better! 😋 Thanks for sharing, @familyfeedco. #thenewhealthy
The ultimate comfort food gets an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boost. Turmeric chicken-and-chickpea soup is a perfect cozy fall meal—and the recipe is in our profile link now. 📷: @caitbensel #thenewhealthy
We’re loving @angelsfoodshare’s meal-prep Monday post (and how good do “everything bagel seasoned-chickpeas” sound? 😋 #thenewhealthy
Eating salmon twice a week can boost heart- and brain-health. We'll make things easy for you with this supercharged salmon salad—get the recipe by following the link in our profile. 📷: @gregdupree #thenewhealthy
A creamy dressing goes a long way in making a salad into a satisfying main or hearty side. We’re loving @dishingouthealth’s use of tahini to emulsify her herby vinaigrette here. 🙌 #thenewhealthy
Don't tell Grandma, but we like this lighter skillet green bean casserole even better than hers. 😉 Make it with the recipe in our profile link and see for yourself. #thenewhealthylife
This spiced parsnip cake is a makeover from a 2003 CL recipe: More whole grains, less sugar, and even more flavor. Make it with the recipe in our profile link. 📷: @gregdupree #thenewhealthy
Heirloom beans, broccoli rabe, and a perfectly poached egg bring @feedtheswimmers’ deliciously savory breakfast home. Any other savory > sweet fans? #thenewhealthy
Weekends are made for classic beef pot roast. It simmers to perfection in the oven with red wine, broth, and hearty veggies. Hungry? Get the recipe by following the link in our profile. 📷: @caitbensel #thenewhealthy
Blueberries got nothin' on these savory muffins. Get the full recipe in our profile link—prosciutto and all! #thenewhealthy
Never met a crab cake we didn't like—and these happen to be ready in a mere 20 minutes. Click the link in our profile for the recipe! 📷: @caitbensel #thenewhealthy
Slow cookers aren't just for soup and chili. This melt-in-your-mouth tender pulled pork is a perfect excuse to take the season's most-loved kitchen tool for a spin. Get this recipe by following the link in our profile. (P.S.: It comes with peach barbecue sauce!) 📷: @caitbensel #thenewhealthy
@thefullhelping says “Maple Dijon Dressing,” and we say “What time should we be over?!” 😜 #thenewhealthy
If you only keep one spice blend in your pantry, make it this one. Follow the link in our profile, then click this video for more ways to use five-spice powder. #thenewhealthy
25% of your daily potassium in a low-cal, tasty smoothie? Kale never had it so good! Get the recipe for kale-ginger smoothie by following the link in our profile, then clicking this image. 📷: @gregdupree #thenewhealthy
Our November issue hits stands today! We’ve packed it with double the recipes to celebrate 30 years of Cooking Light. Plan your Thanksgiving dinner and feed yourself nourishing, wholesome meals all month long. Follow the link in our profile for every single recipe—and share your versions with us using #thenewhealthy!
Turn average chicken breasts into a mouthwatering fall main with this easy mushroom sauce. Bring it to your dinner table with the recipe in our profile link—and share your version using #thenewhealthy.
@lepetitchefsb’s mango-pumpkin combo sounds bewitchingly delicious. Color us convinced! 😋 #thenewhealthy