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picsnlove 267w ago
Little munchkin.... #mynephewrocks

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There is a peace, there is a love , you can get lost inside come to the fountain and let me hear you testify...
Make sure to laugh (a little or maybe even a lot) today! 💛
Throwback to when I was stalking Douglas Miller at the sawdust festival ..haha! He paints, plays the violin and photographs all the lovely things. It was fun watching him in the moment. #staycreative #💛💓💚 #mylategramislaterthanyours
Sunday feeling..relaxed, slooooow, and sunny ...💛it. #latergram
Our 2 mile hike seemed longer than a 2 mile hike today 😅😂 but these views made it ok. All the green 😍💚#greenisbest #nobearstoday
Spending time by the lake this weekend. This place is always so peaceful and so good to me 😍🍃.
Leni love!! I love this quirky, hilarious, super energetic little fur ball like something fierce. Happy #nationaldogday to all dog lovers and hey all you dog haters too ✌🏼💓🐶
It's officially Friday! Take me back to PV!!The water temp was so perfect after hiking in the humidity and heat! It look one sec and I was in! Happy weekend! #latergram #puertovallarta
The luxurious nine-suite boutique hotel, with an open-air rooftop restaurant, tequila bar, pool and an intimate spa, was lovingly created from the quaint side-by-side houses once owned by the star-crossed couple. Casa Kimberly’s history begins in 1962, when Richard Burton came to the sleepy fishing village of Puerto Vallarta to star in director John Huston’s classic The Night of the Iguana. Burton and Taylor had met a few years before, on the set of Cleopatra, and were in the whirl of a scandalous romance. Burton arranged for Elizabeth to stay in Casa Kimberly, directly across the street from his own casita. He built a bridge connecting the two, as handy for avoiding the paparazzi as it was for escaping their spirited fights and gave Casa Kimberly to Taylor for her 32nd birthday in 1964. The lovebirds, who married and divorced each other twice, never lost their affection for Puerto Vallarta.
When we first drove in to Puerto Vallarta I noticed all the white buildings against the green landscape..I guess it became a law at some point that buildings have to be white.. I love it! Totally a good call😍. #puertovallarta #travel