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classical concert on the river 🎶👌

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art show was a success! ty everyone who joined and contributed - love u all. see a little recap @fieldguideco ♥️
art show tomorrow with some dear and talented friends! come thru n chill ✨❤️
If you're paying attention to the U.S. right now, chances are you're outraged. Utilize that anger by organizing and resisting!

san diego, meet at 6 at the county building to show our leadership what we stand for. Swipe for details.

in case you didn't catch the memo, the new line of @sincerityandconcern is ready for you! scoop this qt gold enamel pin and lotsa other items!✨🙏🏼
packaging prototypin for чайок (chayok) kyiv - "cute tea"♥️🌸
dinner on ze roof - scope more @fieldguideco ✨💙😋 gettin the hang of these qt monoline drawings!✍🏻
made some special prints and tees for you guys! droppin soon at @sincerityandconcern - follow along to stay in tha loop! xo ♥️🌹
recent restaurant branding from @fieldguideco! gonna share the whole package soon, here's a preview ✨🐻